Everything You Need To Know About GMINERS

It’s possible that the terms “GMINER” and “gm” have been trending on social media recently. “Good Morning” is often what “GM” stands for. A typical method for members of the crypto community to say hello to one another. There is a lot more meaning behind the two words “good morning” (GM) than there is in those two phrases alone. The application of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the formation of a global movement that brings people together and produces positive energy is seen here. It would not be fair to compare GM to utility tokens, which are designed to do a certain task or provide a solution to a particular issue. Coins based on memes, such as GM, are included in this slot.

How can I submit my application to get registered on the platform?

  • Finish the signup and registration procedure.
  • Registration on the platform may be done in a single click, and conversion to NFT is free.
  • Free streaming is available.
  • You’ll be able to bet on your preferred music if you have GOM tokens.
  • The GodBoard 100 chart is made up of people’s musical selections.
  • Payouts for rewards are determined by rank, but you’ll still get them even if you don’t top the list.
  • The musician will be able to earn a profit via the use of stakes.
  • You may increase both your stake and your payout by correctly forecasting the movements of the chart and stopping others from manipulating the chart.
  • NFTs are able to be bought, sold, and auctioned.


After the GOM coins are officially launched, the only location to get them will be GMiner. After the live network has been launched, there will be no further distribution or supply of GOM tokens until such time as they are listed on exchanges. You can get a lot of incentives by participating in airdrops and staking, and you can even mine NFTs to gain extra tokens to use on the platform. There are three different classes of Gminer, which means that the profit will grow by a factor of three. It provides the necessary fortitude for each level. Each day, you have the opportunity to mine tokens that are equivalent to a certain quantity of stamina. 200,000 GOM tokens will be available for purchase each day across all Gminer platforms. In addition, the amount of mining done will determine the cap placed on the number of Gminer sold. In the near future, there will be an upgrade as well as a white list.

What do we provide?

1. Any person could convert an MP3 file to NFT format and register it with a single click.

There is no need for individual copyright registration nor distribution

Through the use of a smart contract, it is possible to verify the time period and registration of the musician’s labor.

You are able to showcase your skills to a large number of people thanks to the platform system.

2. The project’s primary focus is on the voting system.

A method in which people independently evaluate songs and compile lists of them

There might be quite a few songs, and the awards change depending on the level you achieve. As a result, the incentives will rise if you make a forecast that turns out to be accurate.

If musicians wanted more options, they may have to put forth more effort to produce higher-quality songs.

For the purpose of preventing chart doctoring, predictive staking is carried out.

It is possible to get reverse dividends if you are successful in anticipating the changes that will occur in the chart.

As further rounds of voting are held, additional registration and examination will be carried out on their own accord. The ecology will start to take shape at some point.

We want to produce a blockchain version of the billboard chart known as the “GodBoard 100” based on these.

3. Rewards – Rewards must be received and there must be no loss.

Staking using GOM tokens of any kind results in the generation of rewards.

No token loss due to decreasing in rank after staking

Differentiation of incentives based on whether or not they are included in the rankings, as well as the automatic selection of lucrative sound sources

After registering for the music NFT, musicians are eligible for incentives if they have invested a particular number of tokens.

(Differentiation from the method of revenue distribution that was previously used in the music business, as well as maintenance of their earnings)

4. GOM Token – Ecosystem Components

Even if you just stake the bare minimum, you have the ability to exercise your voting rights.

The usual method of acquiring tokens will be compensated via airdrops.

Purchase or selling is not feasible unless the security is listed on an international exchange.

Tokens that are distributed gratuitously via airdrops may be put to use to earn money.

5. A Limited Edition of the GMiner

The only way to create GOM tokens is through this method.

Staking vote will result in the creation of extra possibilities in addition to the prizes.

Tokens may be mined every day, giving you the opportunity to grow your income as much as you choose.

Only those on the whitelist are eligible for purchase discounts.

It goes without saying that the sale is for a restricted amount.

There is a daily cap of 200,000 Gminers on the overall amount of mining that may take place.

6. GOM’s own trading platform

At the moment, transactions using NFTs are only carried out on exchanges with individuals who utilize certain networks and want to make purchases.

In the event that there is an issue with the exchange, it is possible that it may disrupt transactions that take place between people. Whether or not users are required to pay a gas cost in order to make use of the exchange is contingent on the network.

On a decentralized network, the process of making transactions is not as easy as one may first believe it to be.

The first step in planning for demand, supply, and security is to provide them, and the second step is to create decentralized transactions rather than centralized ones. Providing them is the first step.

It was essential for us to go with Polygon network because of its more streamlined approach and more affordable fees.

GOM is currently creating functionalities inside the platform itself in order to facilitate simpler trade and auctioning for users and artists.

There is no need for anybody to utilize any other platform or network to transfer.

According to what is presented in the whitepaper, G.O.M intends to create a whole chain, and we are currently making preparations for an all-in-one service inside the platform.

It is an exchange in which artists expose their concealed values, after which other users may inspect them several times for the purpose of verification. In the process of profit distribution, there needs to be no intervention.

Users of MINER will be eligible for a plethora of enticing rewards, and they will also be invited to festivals, concerts, and other live performances.

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