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Why These Eye-Catching Cocktail Tables Are a Must-Have


Meta-description: Your home’s interior design is never complete without a reliable table for drinks and guests. Find your perfect set of cocktail tables with us at Julie & Ev.


What is a home without a dedicated space to sit down and drink, entertain your guests, and relax? We can ensure that you’ve never visited a fully furnished house before without at least a couple of cocktail tables set up in the entryway or living room. 


Anyone with basic knowledge of interior design can tell you that a reception area for entertaining guests is absolutely a must. Not only does this give you a place for drinks and conversation, but it also creates a welcoming space that provides a window into how the rest of your home feels. It’s important to give thought to how you design your guest space, and choosing furniture is no exception. 


But why are cocktail tables regarded as such an essential piece of furniture? Let’s find out.


Why Cocktail Tables are essential


Also referred to as coffee tables, they’re used mainly as a table for drinks. They’re smaller in size compared to the ones you can find in your kitchen, and much closer to the ground. They can also be found typically next to some couches or a loveseat. The one you ultimately choose ends up being more or less the centerpiece of the room. 


It’s a non-negotiable fact that the table for drinks is the most important item of furniture you’ll have. It serves a lot of functions: it’s basically a holder for plates, glasses, books, or a remote. It’s also somewhere to kick your feet up after a hard day, or where you lounge and work if you’re still in a home-based office setup. So it needs to be functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing in order to have an effective interior design for your living room.


Naturally, it also needs to work with the rest of your furniture! Before you start shopping for your dream cocktail table, assess your personal situation first. Is there enough floor space for people to move through? Does your home decor follow a minimalist kind of modern geometry, or is it more relaxing and cozy? What materials do you want your table to be made out of? How tall or short should it be? How are you going to style and accessorize?


Choosing the perfect table is hard because it’s a lot of responsibility to place on one piece of furniture. And that’s where we come in – we’ve selected a couple of favorites for you that we’d love to see in your home! These tables are beautiful creations that are truly one of a kind. We have a mixture of rounded and rectangular tables in different materials and finishes to make sure you’ll find one that matches your vision.

5 Must-Have Cocktail Tables

  1. Lynette Rattan Coffee Table, $2,715

This charming rattan coffee table will instantly spark a rustic feel in your living room. The rounded corners and soft material are ideal for anyone who needs to childproof their home. It’s also great if you just want to introduce a comfy vibe into your space! The table features a large shelf at the bottom for extra storage if you need it.

  1. Meadow Cocktail Table in Antique Brass Finish, $1,350

A polished brass table like this will look fantastic in any modern themed interior design. It’s a classic table for drinks and sharing food or stories with guests. The curved edges carved into the top soften the look of the unique metal craftsmanship shown in these cocktail tables.

If a gold patina doesn’t really suit the rest of your room, the exact same kind is also available in an antique bronze finish.

  1. Ward Cedar Coffee Table in Black, $2,450

If you’re looking for sleek and subtle pieces for your home, this cedar coffee table should be one of your top picks. The classic design avoids being too basic by showing off opposite-facing legs that provoke a sense of quiet modernism. 

You can use this table for drinks in your living room, patio, bedroom, or wherever you want because it’s so versatile. The minimal structure and finish ensure that it will blend in anywhere you place it.

  1. Hudson Coffee Table in French Gray, $4,975

These kinds of textured tables are amazing for anyone who loves the texture of rattan but can’t be bothered to keep up with the maintenance. The Hudson Coffee Table features a rounded shape that almost looks like a mini art installation in your very own house. The surface is textured with a faux rattan pattern that elegantly ages it and keeps it from looking too shiny and new. The brass banding on the legs gives it an air of sophistication while keeping it in line with a cozy, lived-in vibe. 

If a cleaner look is more your style of interior design, the Hudson Coffee Table also comes in a white version.

  1. Libero Cocktail Table, $1,650

Higher tables like this provide a little bit of room for those that prefer a lot of space. This art deco-inspired table for drinks is a nod to a bolder, more detailed type of interior design. The brass finish on the surface is embellished with a geometric pattern, supported by classic mango wood legs that taper to the floor. If you want to incorporate more texture and a sense of luxury into your home decor, the Libero might be the one for you.

Our selection at Julie & Ev doesn’t just offer you a basic table for drinks. We love to incorporate art and beauty into our interior design instead of just functionality. The reception area of your home is the first thing people see when they walk in, and you want it to reflect the rest of your lifestyle. Comfort is definitely another priority since you spend a lot of time in your living room.

Cocktail tables are one of the best ways to exhibit your taste in decor while making sure your furniture pieces are still useful. What better way to express your creative side than with interesting decor and accents, right? Don’t hesitate to personalize your space with the things that make you happy. With our curated listings, find the perfect match for your home and living needs!

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