Where do I locate the QuickBooks server manager?

Open the Windows Start menu on your server computer (the one hosting your company files). Type in “Database” into Google to open QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Click the Scan Folders tab. Important: This process will share all folders if Database Server Manager 2019 is installed. Read More

What’s QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

This tool allows users to set up QuickBooks server multi-user access. This tool creates a network data file (.ND) for the company file on the host computer. This tool is also known as Inuit’s personal data management tool. This tool allows users to easily create network data files that contain company information. This tool is required if the user wishes to run multiple versions of QuickBooks. It is important to note that the tool is required in order to allow multi-user access. Every version of the QuickBooks server manager that is installed on the system adds a new user. We will later discuss how you can install, update, and configure the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

The following activities are possible:

  • It is essential to scan the QuickBooks company file for multi-user access
  • To detect any new company files, check the local storage device

Important Note: QuickBooks Desktop requires the best file performance on the Internet. You can install the tool on your computer in the exact location where the company files are located.

Quick and Easy Tips to Follow:

  • The quickbooks database server manager creates network data files and stores company files on the host computer. If you wish to use multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop, it is necessary to install each version.
  • It will only provide multiple versions of Database Server Manager if you plan to install them all. It cannot however provide multiple versions of the software.
  • When you wish to use multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop, install the Database Server Manager in chronological order. This is the order from the oldest to most recent version.
  • When the server is running for each year, the database services for the previous year are running in the background. You should ensure that all services that are accessible through Windows and Control Panel are listed in the QuickBooks DBXX. 
  • When the QuickBooks Database Manager installation is completed, each version of QuickBooks adds one user.

How to fix errors in opening QuickBooks?

Solution 1: Quick Fix my program from the QuickBooks Tools hub

Step 1: Download the QuickBooks Tools Hub and install it

You can fix the Common errors by closing QuickBooks. We recommend Tool Hub for Windows 10, 64-bit to get the best experience.

  • Close QuickBooks
  • The latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub (, is available for download. The file should be saved somewhere that you can find easily (such as your Downloads folder, or your Windows desktop). You can see which version of Tool Hub you have if you’ve already installed it. Select the Home tab. You will see the version at the bottom.
  • Open the file you downloaded (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
  • You need to go through the instructions to install the terms and conditions.
  • Double-click the icon from your Windows desktop after the installation is complete to open the tool hub.

Step 2: Run the Quick Fix my Program from the Tools Hub

Quick Fix will close any background processes that QuickBooks is using. So that you can solve quickbooks won’t open error.

  • Select Problems in the QuickBooks Tools Hub.
  • Select Quick Fix my Program.
  • Open your data file in QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 2: Stop the QuickBooks Desktop app

Your company file might be damaged. It is important to determine if there are any issues with QuickBooks or with your data file. QuickBooks may try to open an old company.

  • Hold the Ctrl button and then double-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon.

Important:- If QuickBooks freezes, or gives you an error, don’t release your Ctrl keys until you see the “No company open” window.

  • Choose a company file and then choose open.

Solution 3: Use the Tools Hub to run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Select Installation Problems in the tools hub.
  • Choose QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. The tool will start. 
  • After the tool is finished, restart your computer.
  • Open your data file in QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 4: Restore your QuickBooks Desktop Installation

To replace damaged files, run a repair.

Solution 5: Use the Tools Hub’s Clean Install tool

Clean Install automatically renames the old folders. This allows QuickBooks to create new files for you when you reinstall. This won’t delete your company files.

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