US is Looking Forward to reducing some restrictions of china to fight against Inflation

US Secretary of Commerce

Gina Raimondo, the Secretary of the US Department of Commerce, stated that. Vice President Joe Biden has requested that his government investigate the potential of eliminating some of the tariffs imposed on China by former President Donald Trump in order to combat rising inflation. These tariffs were imposed on China by Trump during his tenure as President of the United States.

US President Statement

An investigation into the matter is currently underway. The President has made it abundantly clear that he expects us to carry out these directives. In an interview that took place on Sunday with CNN, Ms. Raimondo stated that the United States is “in the process of doing it for him and. He will have to make that decision” in the event that the Biden administration considers lowering tariffs on China in order to curb price inflation. She said this in reference to the possibility that the Biden administration may consider lowering tariffs on China in order to curb price inflation. Read More.

Products to reduce taxes


“There are other products. Such as household goods and bicycles, and it may make sense to consider lifting taxes on those. She continued, referring to the tariffs that have been imposed on steel and Aluminum ever since the Trump administration took office. She was referring to the tariffs that have been imposed ever since the Trump administration took office. Since Donald Trump assumed office as president, his government has enforced the imposition of these tariffs.

Vice President of USA

The United States Vice President. Joe Biden, has given indications that he is open to the possibility of reducing some of the tariffs worth hundreds of billions of dollars that were imposed on Chinese imports in 2018 and 2019. These duties were imposed on Chinese imports in 2018 and 2019.

China Also looking to reduce tariffs

In addition, China has asserted that reductions in tariffs will be to the advantage of customers in the United States, which is another positive development.

According to statements made by Raimondo during an interview conducted by CNN. The shortage of ship will increase at last of 2024.

Raimondo claims on this matter

She went on to say “There is only one solution” to the problem of there being a scarcity of semiconductor chips, and she emphasized this point several times throughout the conversation. It is necessary for the Chips Bill to receive approval from Congress. I have no clue what they are waiting for or why they are being so slow about this. The recently passed legislation will lead to an increase in the manufacture of semiconductors in the United States. Which will provide that nation a competitive advantage over China. Read More

Despite the fact that she firmly denies this allegation. Raimondo claims that Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan is to blame for the substantial inflation that we are currently seeing. This Claim is totally false. Congress approved the COVID-19 relief package exactly one year ago. Marking it as one of the most significant triumphs that Vice President Biden was able to achieve during his first year in office.

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