India’s BJP faces backlash after Prophet Muhammad insults

BJP Anti Muslim and Anti Pakistan Narrative

The Sangh Parivar of BJP in India has long exploited Pakistan as a punching bag, while simultaneously slamming the Muslim kings and sultans who controlled the subcontinent centuries ago.  A line was crossed, however, when members of India’s Hindu nationalist ruling party began publicly insulting Islamic holy figures.

BJP Attack On Muslim Islamic Holy Figures

Two BJP spokespersons’ filthy remarks towards the Holy Prophet (PBUH) were not accidental. People in authority feel free to attack renowned icons of other religions to placate their fanatical vote bank because of decades of anti-Muslim venom poured by India’s hard right. Now the anti-Islam discourse has become mainstream. Read More.

Muslim Countries Reaction

Many Muslim countries have reacted quickly to the uproar. In response to India’s aggressive words, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have summoned Indian diplomats to express their displeasure.

BJP Remove the both

The BJP, on the other hand, has dismissed one individual and suspended the other in this sleazy affair. “We strongly oppose any philosophy that degrades or demeans any sect or faith,” it said in a lukewarm statement. Such hardcore Muslim-baiters, such as Uttar Pradesh’s governor and the country’s interior minister, would not be significant players in government if this were the case. Read More.

India in Trouble

As the spectres of Gujarat can attest, India’s Prime Minister has a troubled sectarian past. In addition, the Indian government’s response to the statements has been dishonest. The Indian external affairs ministry’s answer to the OIC and Pakistan’s worries about the incident was belligerent and totally undiplomatic, but the Indian missions in Kuwait and Qatar were conciliatory in their response.

Gulf state’s Investment in India

The billions of dollars in commerce and remittances from the Gulf States may be a factor in New Delhi’s thinking. There are already campaigns in the Gulf demanding for Indian goods to be boycotted.

Hindu minorities at risk

The rise of Hindu nationalism has put Hindu minorities, like as Christians and Dalits, at risk. Islamophobia has targeted Muslims the most, with attacks on their sacred figures, their allegiance to the state, and restrictions on their cultural and religious traditions.

BJP’s Sangh Parivar is playing with fire

The Sangh Parivar is playing with fire with its latest provocation. The situation can swiftly develop if hate-mongers, particularly those with governmental and institutional support, are not reined in. Already, there has been violence in some localities.

New Delhi Should change his stance

Continued criticism of India’s antisemitic and anti-Islamic actions is need from all quarters of worldwide society. New Delhi may change its stance in response to the threat of international condemnation and the potential damage

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