Meeting of Pakistani delegation with Israeli Prime Minister

An “wonderful experience” with Pakistani-Americans was described by Israeli President Isaac Herzog as an example of Israel’s “huge improvement” in its relations with the Muslim world.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

A special address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the World Economic Forum (WEF) gathering in Davos, Switzerland on May 26 in which Herzog spoke about US-brokered agreements to normalize Israeli-UAE and Bahraini-Bahrain relations was the occasion for Herzog to make these remarks. Read More

Brge Brende, the WEF’s president

“They are reaping a lot of benefits from the Abraham Accords. In terms of expanding the area of cooperation, how would you look at this?” asks Brge Brende, the WEF’s president

“Well, I’ll tell you what, we’re seeing it at every level of society. No, I’m not talking about a quick stop-by. We’re seeing interest at every level of the economy, science, and innovation, but I’ll focus on my own feelings “The president’s response was a resounding one.

Two delegations

The “huge transformation,” according to Herzog, was demonstrated by two delegations he received last week.

Moroccan young people

“One was a delegation of Moroccan young people who have endorsed an Israeli group on Facebook. In the hour they spent with us, both of them shared their stories of tearing down boundaries, moving forward, and  intertwine “he stated.

Pakistani expatriates in the United States

“With other members of other countries in their region,” Herzog reported hosting a delegation of Pakistani expatriates in the United States the following day.

Remarkable occasion

“And I have to admit that this was a very remarkable occasion. There has never been such a large delegation of Pakistani leaders to visit Israel. As a result, Jews and Muslims may coexist in the region thanks to the Abraham Accords.” Read More

Sharaka NGO

Sharaka, an Israeli non-governmental organization (NGO), had organized a Pakistan-American delegation’s visit to “promote peace in the Middle East” despite Herzog not mentioning it.

Pakistan does not have diplomatic relations with Israel

Consequently, Pakistan does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. A Palestinian state has long been a priority for Pakistan. Pakistan had made it plain after the Abraham accords that it cannot recognize Israel until a “fair settlement of the Palestinian issue” is found. Pakistan has made this known.

Two-state solution

A two-state solution base on the 1967 boundaries and Al-Quds Al-Sharif as the capital of an independent, viable. And contiguous Palestinian state was deemed necessary by the Foreign Office at the time for a just and enduring peace to be achieved.

They’ve long maintained lower-level relationships, but the only recorded meeting between Khurshid Kasuri and Silvan Shalom was on September 1, 2005.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan

During a rally in Charsadda today, PTI Chairman Imran Khan addressed the delegation’s meeting. He is claiming that “slaves of the United States” in the government will do anything directed by the American government.

He accused the administration of making a deal with India at the expense of Kashmiris and recognising Israel, and he lashed out at them.

PTI leader Shireen Mazari

Meanwhile, PTI leader Shireen Mazari saw the comments as “another commitment made to the United States under regime change scheme by imported government and other co-conspirators fulfilled! She called it “shameful subservience” in a tweet.

Everyone who has ever dubbed PTI chairman Imran Khan a “Jewish agent” has now shown to be a “certified Jewish agents and slaves,” according to PTI leader Imran Ismail.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Foreign Office “categorically rejected” the idea of any Pakistani delegation visiting Israel.

In a statement, it stated that Pakistan’s position. On the Palestinian issue was “clear and unequivocal” and that a foreign NGO organized the visit in question. According to the FO, “there is no change in our policy that has the full support of the nation.”

Ahsan Iqbal Statement

“As long as the Palestinian people have the right to self-determination, Pakistan is firmly behind them. Al-Quds Al-Sharif is the rightful capital of a Palestinian state that is independent, sustainable. And contiguous with pre-1967 boundaries, in conformity with relevant UN and OIC resolutions “declared the FO.

Iqbal further stated that there had been no official or semi-official Pakistani delegations meeting.

He claimed that the government’s position on Israel was “clear,” and that it did not recognize the Jewish state. As Iqbal said, “Our hearts go out to our Palestinian brothers and sisters.”

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