Ukraine Attack on Russian War Ship and US War Aid

Ukraine Attack on Russian War Ship

According to Ukrainian claims, a Ukrainian missile fired from the Black Sea hit the Russian missile cruiser Moskva, forcing it to catch fire and force to abandon ship.

Russian Ministry of Defense

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the ship caught fire after suffering “serious damage,” which was reported by the state-run TASS news agency. In order to ensure everyone’s safety, the whole crew¬† evacuat from the ship.

US War aid to Ukraine

During an hour-long phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden stated that the United States would provide Ukraine with an additional $800 million in weapons.

In accordance with President Barack Obama’s directive, the new weapons package would include systems that have already been deployed to the battlefield, as well as additional artillery pieces and ammunition, as well as new armored personnel carriers (APCs) and helicopters, among other things. The new weapons package would be delivered to the Pentagon by the end of the year.

Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Russia is facing human rights abuses. And violations of international humanitarian law during its invasion of Ukraine, according to a report performed by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

US War Package Details

Anti-chemical defense systems

In a statement issued late Wednesday night, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin provided specifics about the latest military assistance package that the United States will give to Ukraine. The package will include equipment and training. A number of items include in the package, including 300 armored personnel carriers, artillery, and anti-chemical defense systems. We expect to receive the shipment by the end of the calendar year, if not sooner.

Armored wheeled vehicles

Through his official Twitter account, he announced the purchase of 200 M113 armored personnel carriers. And 100 additional armored wheeled vehicles for the United States Army, among other things. It was in use by the United States before to the Vietnam War and is still in use today, according to the Pentagon.

Javelin missiles Switchblade attack drones

The order includes 500 Javelin missiles and 300 Switchblade attack drones, both of which are among the most cutting-edge armaments currently available. Fighting against Russian tanks and other vehicles, Ukrainian forces have used the Javelin and other shoulder-launched weapons to devastating effect, which has allowed them to win the battle.

Howitzers and 40,000 Artillery rounds

Additionally, eight howitzers and 40,000 artillery rounds are among the armaments that have recently arrived from the United Kingdom in the most recent shipment of American armaments. Read More

Other War equipment

In addition to body armor and helmets for military troops. The list contains “protective equipment” against chemical, biological, and radiological hazards, amounting to a total of 30,000 pieces in total.

Final Words of war experts

Military experts and others have expressed fear that, given Russia’s history of military failures. President Vladimir Putin may use weapons of mass destruction against Ukrainian forces. And civilians if the situation warrants it, according to reports.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has stated that his state “would continue to stand with the heroic Ukrainian. People in their pursuit of independence.” Consequently, “the current support package includes many of the incredibly powerful weapons systems. That we have already delivered, as well a number of significant new capabilities.

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