Conspiracy Regime Change in Pakistan

Army Spokesperson

There is a clear statement publish that demonstrates what was agreed upon in this meeting, which is all that has been expressed by the military in response to the NSC meeting,” the chief military spokesperson said during a news briefing this week.

Khan’s View

According to Imran Khan, an international conspiracy was formed to undermine his government

In front of you are the words, and they are crystal plain. Was the term “conspiracy” ever used? That’s not what Gen. Babar believes, and he says the government may declassify the NSC meeting minutes if it wishes.

NSC meeting

He did add, however, that the demarche was given to the foreign country because of the use of undiplomatic language, which amounted to intervention in Pakistan’s domestic affairs. It not considered a conspiracy.

Chief is not seeking an extension

He added that Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistan’s Chief of the Army Staff, is not requesting an extension and will not accept one.

He went on to say that the chief’s term will expire at the end of this year, in November.

So let me put this to bed. The chief of army staff does not want an extension, and he does not intend to accept one. Regardless of what happens, he plans to step down on November 29th, 2022.

Military has no part in politics

It was Babar who stated that the military has “nothing to do with politics,” and he added that the institution will remain apolitical in the future.

It’s better to describe our role as apolitical rather than neutral, according to the army spokesperson.

Earlier this week, the military’s top brass assured reporters at the Corps Commanders Conference that the “Pakistan Army is aware of its responsibilities and shall continue to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan against all internal and external threats under any circumstances.”.

I made this decision for no reason other than to protect myself and my family. We are attempting to fulfill the constitutional role of the armed forces.”

If the events of the last few days are not part of the constitutional process, then what is? Providing an NRO is not the army’s responsibility.

Establishment has no role

Before the vote of no confidence against Imran, there were rumors that the establishment had met with opposition parties. According to him, “there is absolutely no truth to this,” as he stated, and he also stated that “no contract” had been struck.

After reassuring reporters that military officials and government officials had “the finest ties,” the chief of military media said there was “no conflict” between them.

As far as I’m concerned, I believe that the army chief and Imran Khan have a strong personal relationship and that it will continue to do so. There are no challenges or problems with the army regardless of whose parties or governments are in power.

Courts are independent

After being queried about the April 9 events, Gen. Babar stated categorically that there was no looming martial law at the moment. “Do you have any proof of this?” Is the Army in charge of the courts? Our courts are independent, thus whatever that occurs there is the result of the judges’ own initiative.

It is the responsibility of everyone to strengthen democracy, and our national institutions are the foundation of our democracy. Whatever the institution, be it the legislature, the Supreme Court, or the military. Democracy is the key to progress in Pakistan.

NO more Martial law

The military spokesperson said, “There will never be another martial law in Pakistan.”

The army spokeswoman stated Gen Bajwa was “not well,” dispelling yet another rumor about his absence from Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s oath-taking ceremony.

“He wasn’t feeling well on that particular day and hadn’t shown up to work at all. There isn’t much more to it than that. ”

Pakistan’s army was on board with the plan to send former PM Imran Khan to Moscow, according to Gen Babar, who stated there was “institutional input” to do so. Nobody expected Russia to start a war when the prime minister was present; it was awkward, to say the least.

USA Conspiracy

The military spokeswoman stressed that if the United States requested operating sites in Pakistan, the “army would have the same posture”.

Furthermore, “they didn’t ask for bases, and it wasn’t even brought up at any point”

During the press briefing, he also noted that demonstrations are an important component of democracy and that the army has “given an enabling environment to the people by risking its lives.”.

There is nothing wrong with individuals expressing their views, he said,  that the country was beginning to regain some stability, but that it would be some time before it could be maintained long-term.

Social media Abuse

Gen Babar, the military’s spokesperson, ask what the military was doing to stop the ‘malicious’ social media campaign against the armed forces. It is the real Conspiracy. And he stated that the government has to take action because the military did not have the authority to do so. Read More.

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