Learn the Cost of Android App Development

A mobile app for Android has become a necessity for every business. They have proven to have the ability to streamline business processes, improve customer relations, eliminate errors and frauds, and more.

However, the question of “How much do I need to pay to develop an Android app?” continues to stymie many startup owners and entrepreneurs.

Businesspeople with little or no tech knowledge get trip up on how much money is needed to build an app. Many mobile app development companies take advantage of this by offering ‘almost free’ applications or charging exorbitant fees for even the most basic of apps. As a result of this, they became more cautious about investing in Android mobile app development and eager to learn more about the science of app cost calculation.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to determine how much money is need to develop an application.

Many variables influence the price of developing a mobile app. The best way to figure out how much an app will cost is to consider the following cost-defining factors:

Development platform

As a result, Android is available on a wide range of devices and operating systems, making it a highly fragmented platform. As a result, deciding how many different types of devices and OS versions your app will be compatible with is an important consideration. Due to the fact that more devices and operating systems are taken into consideration, the cost of developing an app increases.


Whether you’re building a business app or a social media app like Instagram, the answer to this question has a significant impact on the total cost of your application. It costs between $35,000 and $40,000 to create a basic Instagram vs. $50,000 to $1,75,000 for an enterprise mobility solution. Discuss the app category you’d like to build for with your team.

App Size and Complexity

The size and complexity of an Android app have a significant impact on its development cost. If your app only has two or three screens, it will take less time and effort to develop, which translates into lower costs. In contrast, the more screens in a full-fledged app, the more time and money it will require to develop.

The complex app development process

Even though your Android app is a simple one, the developers won’t have any trouble designing it. Rather, a more complex app development process will necessitate a greater investment of both time and money, making it more difficult to build. Read More

When developing an Android app, the number and type of features and technologies you incorporate into the project can have a significant impact on the final cost. For example, a mobile app based on the Internet of Things (IoT) typically costs between $30,000 and $40,000.

Android mobile app development costs are further inflatedd by factors such as the design of the app itself. There are only 150 hours needed for a simple, non-animated design; a highly customized and engaging app will require another 250 hours, which means a higher app price.

Time Spent Coding

Whether your app is built from the ground up or reuses existing code has an effect on the overall cost of development.

When developing an Android mobile app, the amount of time and effort invested varies depending on the development methodology used by the company, such as Distributed Agile or Waterfall. This, in turn, affects the cost of developing an Android app.

In addition to the cost of developing an app, the type of mobile app development company you choose, their skill set, their years of experience, the number of applications they have developed, the services they offer, and the location they are based in all contribute to the app development price.

Getting the word out about a new app and promoting it

Creating a developer account costs around $25, which is include in the cost of developing an Android app. Budgetary considerations are also influence by the amount of time and money spent on marketing.

Final Thought

Finally, the effort, time, and money spent on app maintenance and updating also has an impact on the total application development cost, which accounts for around 20% of the total application development cost. As a result, don’t forget to account for them in your budget.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to estimating the cost of an Android app for your company and maximizing return on investment.. Discuss your business needs with the best Android experts today to get answers to any additional questions or to obtain an exact value.

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