How Can One Get Injured In A Haunted House?

People love visiting the haunted house and children as well. The grotesque visuals and scary sounds give you a rush of adrenaline and the thrilling experience of being inside a horror movie. When you enter a haunted house, you go in to have fun and not to get hurt. Haunted houses can quickly become scary for the operators and owners if someone gets hurt. 

One can get hurt inside a haunted house in several ways, such as slipping and falling, being struck by an object, burns from poorly handled electrical wires, etc. If you or your child were injured inside a haunted house, you might wonder, “How can I protect my rights?” The best way to do so is by hiring a personal injury attorney. 

Ways you can get injured inside a haunted house 

1. Slips and falls hazards.

There may be various slip-and-fall hazards inside a haunted house, such as puddles, slippery tiles, broken floorboards, tree roots, etc. Visitors can trip or slip over them and get severely injured in a fall, perhaps their bones and hurt their spine. Common injuries in haunted houses include hip, ankle, and wrist injuries, which can occur through a fall. 

2. Falling objects. 

A haunted house has several props hanging from the ceiling. If one of the heavy props falls over the visitors’ heads, they can suffer from traumatic brain injury and concussions. Other injuries from falling objects may include cuts and bruises. 

3. Overcrowding. 

Haunted houses are often overcrowded, and the visitors have a chance of being trampled. This is why haunted house operators are required to allow only a limited number of people at once. Still, risks exist in case of emergency when everyone runs towards the exit. From actor ghosts springing out of coffins to vampires hanging from the ceiling, these jumpscares can cause trampling. 

The assumption of risk 

If you were injured inside a haunted house, you must prove the owner’s negligence to get compensation. In this case, you must show that the owner knew about the risk and failed to take precautions to avoid accidents and injuries. 

Getting compensated after a horror house experience can be complex because when you buy the tickets, you essentially consent to be scared and startled. Therefore, any injuries you sustain because you or others were scared may not make it easy for you to bring compensation. Theme park owners and managers often escape liability by playing the defense that the plaintiff knew the potential risks involved. 

Contact an attorney if you believe you deserve compensation after a haunted house injury. 

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