What Does a Title IX Coordinator Do?

The Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities operated by recipients of federal financial assistance.  Title IX coordinators help make sure that schools are providing students with equal access to educational opportunities, regardless of their sex or gender identity. They ensure that those students who report sexual misconduct will be protected against retaliation and that they won’t suffer academically as a result.

A California Title IX advisor will be the right person to create more awareness about the need for Title IX coordinators and their functions. The students and faculty should know the importance of Title IX coordinators in the modern education system. In fact, the key responsibilities of Title IX coordinators include educating students on how to handle sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination cases on campus.

What is the Purpose of Title IX Coordinators?

The purpose of a Title IX advisor is to educate college students on their rights with regard to reporting sex-based crimes. It is their duty to promote equality in the school. They will also receive training on how to recognize high-risk situations for sexual harassment and provide help for those who are victims of these crimes.

Title IX coordinators act as a kind of “guardian angel” on campus. They are there to listen to those who tell them about their sexual assault or harassment. In addition, they will also work with the students or the victim, if needed, to make sure they do not feel uneasy about coming forward or reporting what happened to them because of fear of retaliation.

Another important responsibility of Title coordinators is to ensure compliance of the institution with Title IX rules and regulations. From framing a policy to putting procedures in place for reporting any Title IX violation, a Title IX coordinator has to see to it that all are being followed accordingly. In fact, the Title IX coordinator is not the only person responsible for these tasks, but they are tasked to work with the other school officials, teachers, and staff to put in place what is needed.

The prime function of Title IX coordinators is to prevent sexual assault and harassment on campus. For this, Title IX coordinators should educate students and faculties on the issue of Title IX and how they can report any violations. In addition, it is also important to affirm the rights of students who have reported such incidents.

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