Factors to Consider When Buying Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

This article will cover the factors to consider when purchasing Custom Printed Mailer Boxes, including printing, colours, lamination, and price. Hopefully, this information will help you decide which custom mailer will work best for your business. The design is the most important aspect of any mailer, so ensure it matches your overall business style. Alternatively, you can use one of our custom pre-designed templates and customize them yourself.

Effective Way Printing

Printing custom-printed mailer boxes is an inexpensive and effective way to add a unique touch to your packaging. You can choose any colour and style, and you can also have them printed on the inside! You can print your logo and other details on the outside or surprise your customers with surprises that are only available inside! The options for branding your mailer boxes are almost endless! Here are a some tips to make your marketing materials stand out.

First, choose a material for your custom-printed mailer boxes. Opt for white or kraft-style cardboard if your package has many colours. These materials look best with bright and vibrant designs. White cardboard is an excellent choice if you have a brand logo or tagline. Read More

Otherwise, you can apply QCR labels for a more digitally appealing look. Whatever you select, you will find that your custom-printed mailer boxes will make a statement about your brand.

Lastly, print all necessary information on your mailer boxes. Wholeslae mailers help your product stand out in a warehouse. You can include information such as weight, ingredients, and best before dates. This will ensure that your product is easily found when your customers are shopping. Furthermore, your customers will be able to recognize your product more quickly if you include these details in your boxes. If you are minimum on time, you can choose rush production for your custom retail boxes.

Another essential factor to consider when printing custom mailer boxes is your budget.

Depending on your budget and the customization you want, you can choose between flexographic printing or litho-laminating. The difference in the cost will likely be negligible, but the advantages of custom-printed mailer boxes cannot be denied. They are an brillant way to increase your brand’s reputation and boost customer loyalty. There are many advantages to custom-printed mailer boxes, and the choice is entirely up to you.


The material your mailer box is made of will significantly affect the colour vibrancy and precision of the printing. Generally, cardboard made of Kraft and Essential White are the best options for printing, as they offer a rich colour spectrum and a high-end look. If you’d like your box to be as durable as possible, choose Magic White, the highest-grade corrugated cardboard.

The most durable custom mailer boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, which will protect your products during shipping. They can also be recycled by your customers.

Corrugated cardboard comes in two different thicknesses, the thinnest being 1/16″ E-Flute, and the thickest is 1/8″ B-Flute. The bright colours in your custom mailer boxes will attract attention and engage customers. This colour combination will make your marketing materials stand out in the mailbox.

Personalized mailer boxes are perfect for subscription boxes and promotional products. Whether your package is full of chocolates or a pair of bangles, these boxes will enhance your brand’s image. Mailer packaging boxes are also great for gift-giving and seasonal promotions. These boxes are designed to fit your products, with box inserts that help secure the inside of the box. There are even window cutouts for a sneak peek of the featured product.


There are many advantages to lamination for custom-designed mailer packaging boxes. It adds durability and protects the artwork from moisture and dust. It is ideal for long-term projects, especially those involving thousands of packages. The cost is higher than other options, but it is worth considering if you’re planning to produce thousands of boxes. In addition to enhancing the longevity and protection of your mailing boxes, lamination improves the quality of your artwork and adds an extra layer of protection.

Custom Mailer Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Consider lamination if your customers are looking for something a little more glossy. Gloss lamination adds a polished appearance to mailer boxes. Other options include an aqueous coating or an ultraviolet gloss coating. If you’re printing many product images on custom mailers, you may want to consider gloss lamination. The glossy look helps customers navigate through the contents more easily. Also, a glossy finish makes the box look more attractive, resulting in a more positive image for your company.

The final step to ensure the durability of your mailer boxes is to apply a protective layer.

Lamination protects your mailing boxes against smudges and creases and keeps the contents inside moisture-free. It is usually used on both sides, protecting your marketing messages while adding a glossy finish to your packaging. However, lamination is more expensive than varnish. When selecting a lamination style, be sure to consider the benefits of each option.

While lamination is preferred over UV coating, the former offers less durability and is more environmentally friendly. However, unlike lamination, UV coating does not provide as much protection as a textured finish. A UV coating does not match the vibrancy of a glossy finish, so UV coating is an excellent choice for low or medium-run projects. And since UV coating is faster, it is usually better for lower-end projects.


Custom-printed mailer packaging boxes are an excellent way to make a good first impression. They are sturdy, retail-ready, and come in any size, colour, or design. They are perfect for retail packaging, subscription boxes, and e-commerce. Custom printed mailer boxes also rival the quality of conventional printing methods, thanks to HDPrint’s small ink dots and increased precision. If you’re seeing for the perfect packaging for your products, look no further.

Mailer boxes can be customized for many purposes, including gift packaging, promotional products, and subscription boxes. They can be customized with the details you want, ensuring your products arrive safely and look beautiful. You can add box inserts to help protect the items inside the box and use window cutouts to give your customers a preview of the featured product. And because they’re designed to be durable, they’ll withstand repeated use and abuse while providing a great first impression.

Custom mailer boxes come in various sizes, making them easy to assemble. They’re made of corrugated cardboard that is sturdy enough to withstand external forces, making them an ideal packaging solution for various products. They’re also easy to assemble, making them a convenient choice for mailing promotional kits. And because they’re completely customizable, they can fit your product perfectly – no matter how large or small.

Customized mailer boxes can even be arranged to create the ultimate unboxing experience.

To make your packaging attractive and modern

You should consider using custom-printed mailer boxes. These customized boxes are durable and can be used for e-commerce orders, subscriptions, promotions, and gift boxes. Personalized mailer boxes are a cost-effective way to promote your brand and product. Add die-cuts or other features if you want your customers to be wowed by your packaging. This will increase the attention of customers and boost your sales.

Mailer boxes are used for packaging various products, from cannabis to chocolate. They are designed to protect fragile items during shipment. Their ear tabs ensure that they will remain closed during transportation. Custom mailers are also made to be eco-friendly. It is estimated that about 61% of packaging business waste is non-recyclable and can contaminate the environment. That’s why they are eco-friendly packaging.

Manufacturers such as CBM have developed environmentally-friendly mailer boxes suitable for shipping products.

Besides these benefits, custom-printed mailer boxes can also be a marketing tool. Printed boxes will help minimize the chances of losing valuable cargo during shipping. You can include brand logos, website URLs, and the sender’s address in your custom-printed mailer boxes. Other important information on your custom mailer boxes is the product’s weight, ingredients, and best before date. This way, more people will know what is inside and how to handle it.

Custom Designing With Free Shipping¬†are also ideal for gift boxes and promotional products. The personalized nature of these boxes makes them suitable for special occasions or seasonal promotions. Also, you can choose the best size for your products by adjusting the box’s interior dimensions. This will ensure that your products are tightly packed. You can even change the measurements of your custom mailer boxes to make them fit inside. The package will be snug and durable.

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