Why Microsoft MS-100 Exam is Important and How To Prepare For it

MS 100 is the exam that all IT professionals must pass to be certified Enterprise Administrator Experts. In this article, we have discussed ways to prepare for the exam in an efficient manner. Let’s now learn more about how this certification and exam can benefit your career. Read More

What’s the Microsoft MS-100 exam?

The very first step when preparing is to familiarize yourself with the Microsoft MS-100 syllabus and pattern. Thorough research about the topics is the best way to prepare for the test. Else, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to clear the exam.

It is unknown how many questions will be asked in the exam. This is why it is important to be ready for any situation. Microsoft online courses will help you prepare for every type of question. Most Microsoft exams have between 40-60 different types of questions. If you are well-prepared with the syllabus topics, you can answer questions easily. It is important to keep in mind the time limit of 120 minutes for answering the questions.

Microsoft MS-100 evaluates certain skills. They are:

  • Plan Office 365 applications and workloads
  • Manage access and authentication
  • Manage roles and user identity
  • Microsoft 365 services designed and implemented

Each section makes up a certain percentage of the overall exam. Therefore, it is crucial to cover all of the areas of the prescribed subjects to answer all question types on the exam.

Benefits of Passing the Microsoft MS-100 Exam

The Microsoft MS-100 exam will be the first step toward obtaining the Microsoft Certified Professional: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. It will require you to undergo rigorous preparation for an intense examination process. However, gaining the certification would let you enjoy many benefits, such as those listed below.

Enhance your skills in managing and implementing Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft MS-100 exam preparation helps candidates develop high-level skills in managing Microsoft 365, Identity, and Cloud Computing. This exam covers four pillars, which usually focus on Microsoft 365 features. These knowledge areas will be tested:

  • Microsoft 365 Services Design and Implementation
  • Identity management and user roles
  • Management of access and authentication
  • Office 365 applications and workload planning

You can progress faster than your colleagues in your career if you’re proficient in Microsoft artificial intelligence. In addition, it would help to strengthen your position within the company and gain recognition from your seniors.

Obtaining an MS-100 certification will result in higher salaries and benefits

Microsoft MS-100 will give you unique skills in cloud security. If you score high on the exam, you’ll be able to join an elite group in the industry. You can get recognized for your contributions in a booming technology area and become a vital team member. In addition, these Microsoft certifications will be a great addition to your CV and attract many hiring managers. As a result, your chances of receiving better salary offers and other perks are greater.

How to Prepare for the Microsoft MS-100 Exam

If you have the right Microsoft certification training, Microsoft MS 100 exam preparation will not be challenging. However, be prepared to put in some time and effort during exam preparation. These tips will help you score well in the Microsoft MS-100 exam.

Get hands-on experience

MS 100 exam questions cover a wide range of topics. As a result, the exam can seem difficult to clear. Microsoft 365 services are recommended as the foundation for the MS-100 exam. You will need to have practical and theoretical knowledge to pass this exam.

Find relevant study resources

It is recommended to study relevant Microsoft certification courses and study material for the Microsoft MS-100 exam. Microsoft also offers a free learning path that will allow you to cover all exam objectives practically.

Take the MS-100 practice exam

The MS100 practice test should be completed well in advance of the exam date. Then, you will be able to locate the necessary material, plan your time effectively, assess your readiness level, and eliminate unnecessary nerves. You’ll also be able to identify the topics you need to learn more about and the skills you need to develop.

Refresh your knowledge of MS-100 Exam Topics

Stop learning new topics right before the exam. Instead, focus on perfecting your practice of the prescribed material. It will help you to refresh your knowledge and uncover any weak areas. Also, dedicate ample time to solving practice exam questions.


The Microsoft MS 100 exam is recommended for anyone who has been working with Microsoft 365 technologies and seeking better job prospects. The certification shows employers that you are serious about your job and your willingness to take the necessary steps to grow higher in your career.

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