What is the Significance of Installing Attendance App in the Construction Industry? 

You can track and record the best time and attendance software for the construction industry with Thumb Tag. The touchless face attendance system offers attendance safety with accurate data. With this, a globally connected working team for the same construction site can be tracked very easily. Their work progression is also maintained well. 

Multiple attendance policies offer painless policies for minimum hours. Apart from these, the management authority can also track the late coming of the workers at the construction site. And the touchless system offers no contact activities along with the early going and the likes. Read More

What role does an Attendance app play? 

With all of the advancements in HR software and business management tools, it is natural to wonder what the next big thing will be. Cloud computing is already available for employee time and attendance management. However, it is not just the cloud that will make a difference this year, but how time and attendance enhancement systems have evolved.

With its structure, job factors, and regulations that are difficult to fit into a single time and attendance system, the construction industry is one of the most complex industries. Most construction firms still use old-school Excel spreadsheets for payroll and invoice calculations, as well as worksite budgeting, which is inefficient, time-consuming, and inaccurate.

Benefits of touchless face attendance system

Other benefits of the touchless face attendance system are as follows: 

  • Leave and Payroll 
  • Time-offs & half days
  • Double shifts
  • Timesheet
  • HRMS 
  • Remote Working
  • Payroll
  • Performance
  • Recruitment

The attendance system offers seamless Biometric devices as well as offer smart cards along with the face identity system. The time of attendance and log-out data are recorded along with the geo-fencing geo-tagging attendance for onsite and field workers and laborers. 

Thus you can avail the opportunity with real-time visibility by getting real-time notifications and policy breaches. Apart from management of the activities, the touchless attendance system can also offer fantastic information on smart dashboards and prompt reminders. Automatic reminders will pop up when the time approaches or on the day before it.  

Employees take time off for a variety of reasons, including ill health, climatic disruptions in their demographic area, vacations, and other personal emergencies. As a result, it is critical to consider what constitutes an absence that disrupts the proper flow of the organization. 

Implement a leave management system for absence 

The implementation of a leave management system separates absence that causes inefficiency in the workforce from leaves that appear appropriate. Perfect attendance is a goal for many employees and laborers in the construction company. The payroll is also synced accordingly. 

There is a proper record of each employee’s leave taken, absenteeism, and all reasons for absence tethered to the date with an attendance management system. This provides an accurate picture of a given day’s strength or an employee’s single-handed effort in the company, as well as a clear representation of each employee’s attitude toward work.


The purpose of an attendance app is similar to that of leave management software. There are many attendance-tracking software clubs that include leaving management features. When discussing an online attendance management system, you must consider the various types of attendance software.

To record time spent on each project or job site, workers can use mobile apps to set timers or manually enter time. Managers can use this to track attendance, identify bottlenecks, and boost team productivity.

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