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Phone lines are among the latest advancement of this era. No one can deny its importance when it comes to connectivity. You can instantly connect with your loved ones, family, friends, or business partners. These phones often subject you to unknown calls, which ultimately indulge you in scams or threats. Fraudsters are everywhere and can make you spill out personal and confidential information. 

In old times, when you want to track an unknown caller. The only thing you need to do is to approach the local authorities. This takes up a lot of time and involves lengthy procedures. But now, this is not the case. With free reverse phone lookup tools, you can track down any unknown caller on the go.

What’s more, you don’t need to pay even a penny. Numlooker is one such free reverse phone lookup tool. You will get useful information about this tool right in this article. Read on to uncover insights!

What does this phone lookup tool offer?

Numlooker, as mentioned above, is a reverse phone lookup tool. It provides you with in-depth information depending on the particular phone number. It collects information from open sources, including messenger, social media, local public records, police records, court records, etc. 

Numlooker features an immense database. It enables you to get the most out of a single piece of data no matter what device an unknown caller uses, a landline, VOIP, or a cell phone. You can check here to get basic information with the help of this tool. The information you can get includes 

  • The name of the person
  • Area Code
  • City
  • State
  • Age
  • Social Media Account

You can also perform a reverse phone lookup and a reverse email lookup. Numlooker also aids in getting in detail insights for an unknown email address. This way, you can screen a person to see if they fit your business. You can prevent yourself from fraudulent activities.

With NumLooker you can also perform address detail lookup and background assessment of a specific person. Address lookup provides information on the current owner, past owner, zip code, neighborhood details, etc. 

On the other hand, background assessment leads you to a detailed check on new employees, business partners, strangers, etc. This way, you can identify their behavior and professional character. You can also know if they have been involved in any criminal activities in the past.

Why Use phone Lookup Tools?

Several benefits compel you to use a reverse phone lookup. Some of the key benefits are as follows:

Identity Confirmation

Using NumLooker, you can unveil the identity of any person or online friend before a physical meetup. You can detect if they possess a false impression.

Ensured Safety

You can protect your family members or loved ones. By just doing a reverse phone lookup, you can keep scammers away.

Spam Calls Identification

You can perform an identity checkup for telemarketers or robocalling. Telemarketers are not scammers, but the time comes when you are too busy to listen to what they want to say.

Zero Costs

Using a reverse phone lookup service like NumLooker is free. You don’t need to pay anything. This is true for other market websites, which charge a lot.

What Data Can You Get With Reverse Phone Lookup Tools? 

The data variants you get with the reverse phone look up wide-ranging ages. Some of the key data that you get include:

Details of Owner

In this section, you will get the gender, full name, and age of the target person.

Contact Information

Numlooker allows you to get phone numbers associated with a particular person, all social profiles, and email addresses.

Social Information

The NumLooker offers you additional information on the Social side. This information includes profile pictures, social media accounts, and dating profiles.


The information on location includes the address of clients, both past and current addresses. This section also caters to information about Co-residents.

Family Information

You can also retrieve family information. An option exists to get contact info, relatives’ names, and locations. 

Personal Details

In the end, the last section contains the personal details. Knowing these details will provide you with total control. You can obtain information on the property size, the number of inhabitants, and the property owner.

Key Points when Choosing a Reverse Phone Lookup Tool 

Several things may affect your decision to choose the reverse phone lookup tool. The best tool can dynamically relieve your stress. The things you put your eyes to while choosing a reverse phone lookup tool include:

  • What kind of data can you retrieve from a specific tool? Different tools provide different amounts or quantities of data. Make sure to select the tool that provides comprehensive and in detail insights. This will prevent you from using several tools for a single end goal.
  • The second thing is the reliability and trust that a specific tool has won or received from its users. This will develop a sense of confidence while using it. While using you, keep in mind the trust it has won because of its accuracy and precision.
  • The size of the database also matters. This is the key ingredient when choosing the perfect tool for reverse phone lookup. The data acquisition sources also play a great role in selecting a particular tool. In short, NumLooker has an immense database and acquires data from trusted and dynamic sources.
  • In the end, there comes a price. What specific price is associated with the reverse phone lookup tool? Some tools charge no fee for using the tool. Numlooker is at the top of the list among them.


Reverse phone lookup tools are no less than a blessing. They ensure circular protection in times when you need them the most. Besides spending your time in lengthy agency procedures to identify the unknown caller. They offer a way to search for any unknown caller directly through an intuitive interface.  

You need to visit the NumLooker, a free reverse phone lookup tool, to enter the number by selecting a specific US state. Then hit enter, and you are ready to go. So, simple. We have discussed every single point relating to the NumLooker in this post. Suppose you have any questions in your mind. Feel free to reach out any time, or you can comment below for quick assistance.

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