Should You Use Dark Mode?

People spend a significant amount of time staring at screens. That’s why the dark mode option is prudent for users.

The dark mode is a unique screen setting that utilizes dim light situations, especially at night. This mode displays light or grayish text on a dark background instead of dark graphics and text against a white background.

The dark mode aims to reduce the glaring white light that might be distracting in the evenings. Compared to traditional screen settings, this mode is easier on the eyes. Depending on the app or phone, this mode may have different names, such as night mode or dark theme.

Activate dark mode on iPads, iPod Touch, and iPhones by going to Settings > Display & Brightness > choose Dark to turn on Dark Mode. You can also turn this on by going to the Control Center. On your Android device, go to Settings > Display > tap on Advanced > toggle dark theme on or off. Finally, if you are a Mac user and wonder how to make Mac dark mode, you can do so from the System Preferences app.

Here’s Why You Should Use Dark Mode.

  • Enhanced User Experience

If users need to spend a lot of time working on the application, the app should come with the dark mode option. This is an excellent option for streaming websites like Netflix and YouTube or social media & messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

If you use your phone at night, streaming movies or scrolling through Stories will be a good idea in a dark environment. This is because your eyes will not be strained. Therefore, the dark theme will enhance the user experience.

  • Visually Attractive

The dark mode looks appealing to the eye because it offers the opportunity to provide users with a unique experience. In addition, dark mode brings out the elegance in design regarding data presentation for graphical content, such as dashboards.

Dark mode significantly improves an application’s more attractive and deeper visual perception. 

  • Saves Battery Life

Dark mode boosts battery life because the individual pixels on the screen require less juice when displaying black colors than white and lighter colors.

However, if you have an older LCD screen, this does not apply. The dark mode only improves the battery life for devices with OLED screens.

  • Reduces Eye Strain

If you have the habit of reading before bed, dark mode is for you. Low light can be highly stressful for the eye to read on a bright screen. You may even find yourself squinting.

Turning on the dark mode makes it easier to read in low light and does not cause eye strain. Moreover, users claim that reading on their devices while the dark mode is turned on helps them quickly fall asleep. This might be because screens expose users to blue light at night, and this can disrupt their circadian rhythm.

Furthermore, excessive eye strain may produce dry eyes or fatigue. You may find yourself blinking too much. So it is best to try and avoid straining your eyes whenever possible. Enable the dark mode theme on your device to read your favorite articles and eBooks without troubling your eyes.

  • Reduces Photophobia

Photophobia is a symptom of an abnormal intolerance level to the visual perception of light. The light source can be any form of a light source, such as sunlight. Some things that cause photophobia include medications, excessive light entering the eyes, meningitis, eye infection, lack of eye pigment, post-eye surgery, wearing contact lenses for an extended period of time, etc.

Once the underlying cause is treated, photophobia typically disappears. However, if you are suffering from this condition, it would be a good idea to switch on the dark mode setting of your mobile device or laptop. The dark mode setting will reduce the amount of bright light going straight into your eyes.

So the dark mode is a wonderful introduction, and several applications embrace this theme. Switching to this mode, you will experience fewer headaches looking at the screen for extended hours, and eye strain will be reduced.

So, Should You Use the Dark Mode Setting?

The short answer is yes. If you are using your phone to watch videos, read eBooks, and stream popular movies/TV shows at night, it is best to turn on the dark mode setting of your device and the individual apps. Moreover, this mode will help save power so your device can last longer, and you don’t always have to be tethered to the charging cable.

However, if you perceive darkness as negative and melancholic, this might not be your ideal screen setting.

Although the dark mode is loved, using it is your personal preference.

However, there are no significant downsides to using the dark mode theme. So why not give it a try?

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