Shaheen Afridi: The Making of a Top Cricketing News Story


You’ve probably heard the name Shaheen Afridi buzzing around in the cricketing world lately. He’s a young Pakistani cricketer who’s been making headlines with some impressive performances in international cricket.

If you’re curious to know more about Shaheen Afridi and his cricketing career, then you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll take you through Shaheen’s journey to becoming one of the top cricket news stories.

Early Life and Career

Shaheen Afridi was born on 3 October 2000 in the Khyber Agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Pakistan. He belongs to the Afridi tribe of Pashtuns and is one of 14 siblings.

Afridi started his cricketing career at a very young age, playing in local tournaments. He caught the eye of talent scouts and was soon picked up by the Pakistan Cricket Board to play for their junior teams.

In 2018, at the age of just 18, Afridi made his international cricketing debut for Pakistan in a T20I match against Australia. He has since become a regular fixture in the Pakistani cricket team and is considered one of its most promising young players.

Domestic Career

Shaheen Afridi started his cricketing career in the domestic arena. Pakistan is a cricket-crazy country and domestic competitions are fiercely contested. Shaheen was impressed in the junior circuit and was fast-tracked into the senior team.

He first played for Abbottabad in the 2014-15 season and then for Peshawar Zalmi in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) in 2016. Shaheen had a great PSL debut, picking up six wickets in four matches at an average of 14.16. This earned him a contract with Lahore Qalandars for the 2017 season.

This year, Shaheen was signed by Islamabad United for the upcoming season of the PSL. He is currently one of the most sought-after young bowlers in Pakistan and is on the radar of all the major teams.

International Career

Shaheen Afridi is one of the most talented young cricket players in the world. He first came to prominence at the tender age of 16, when he made his debut for the Pakistan national cricket team.

Shaheen’s cricketing career has been meteoric, with many impressive achievements already to his name. In just a few short years, he has become one of the most sought-after players in the world and has represented Pakistan in all three forms of the international game: T20s, ODIs, and Tests.

He is currently ranked as the number-one bowler in T20 cricket and is considered to be a future star of the sport. Shaheen’s skills and potential are limitless, and there is no doubt that he will continue to amaze us all with his talents on the cricket field.

Test Cricket

Shaheen Afridi is a cricketer who made his debut in test cricket in October 2017 against Sri Lanka. Playing for Pakistan, Shaheen was only sixteen years old at the time, making him one of the youngest cricketers to ever play in a test match. He comes from a cricketing family; his father and two brothers have all played for Pakistan’s national team. Since his debut, Shaheen has played a total of eleven test matches and has taken fifty wickets. His bowling style is considered to be fast-medium and he is known for his ability to swing the ball. In January 2019, he was named one of the five cricketers of the year by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Shaheen’s career in test cricket has been very successful so far and he is considered to be one of the best young cricketers in the world. He has the potential to become one of the greats of the game and is one to watch out for in the future. Shaheen made an immediate impact on the cricketing world, taking six wickets in that first match and helping Pakistan to victory. He has since become one of the most promising players in international cricket and is sure to be a star for many years to come.

One-Day Internationals

Shaheen Afridi is a Pakistani cricketer who made his One-Day International (ODI) debut in 2018. He is known for his quick bowling speed and has been hailed as one of the most promising young players in the world.

Afridi’s journey to becoming a top cricketing news story has been filled with both highs and lows. He began playing cricket at a very young age and quickly rose through the ranks, eventually being selected to play for the national team. However, he was dropped from the team in 2017 after a series of poor performances. After regaining his form, Afridi was once again selected to play for Pakistan and made his debut in ODIs against Zimbabwe in 2018.

Since then, he has become one of the most important players on the team, helping Pakistan to secure some impressive victories. Afridi’s cricketing career is sure to be full of exciting twists and turns, and we can’t wait to see what he will achieve next.

T-20 Cricket Career

In just a few short years, Shaheen Afridi has established himself as one of the most exciting players in T-20 cricket. His ability to bowl fast, accurate deliveries makes him a difficult opponent for any batsman, and he has shown time and time again that he has what it takes to win matches for his team.

Afridi’s performances in T-20 cricket have been so impressive that he was recently named to the ICC World XI, an elite team of the best players in the world. This is a huge achievement for any player, but it is especially impressive for someone who is still only 19 years old.

There is no doubt that Shaheen Afridi is a top-class cricketer, and he is sure to have a bright future ahead of him.


Shaheen Afridi is one of the top cricketing news stories today. His career has been full of ups and downs, but he always comes out on top. He is a role model for young people all over the world and is someone to look up to. Shaheen Afridi is a great role model for many people and has inspired others to pursue their dreams. He has shown that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible. Shaheen Afridi is a true inspiration and will continue to be one of the top cricketing news stories for many years to come.

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