Medical Accounts Receivable in Healthcare: An Overview

​​A good accounts receivable (AR) procedure is critical for firms in any sector, including healthcare. Indeed, since healthcare organizations encounter such specific hurdles in their billing operations, appropriately managing accounts receivable is vital to success.

Here, we’ll go through all of the subtleties of medical augmented reality.

Understanding accounts receivable in the Healthcare Industry

In healthcare, accounts receivable (A/R) are bills or reimbursements owing to a medical practice, hospital, or other healthcare entity. Outstanding patient bills or insurance provider reimbursements are examples of unpaid accounts. 

The A/R process starts when your clinic invoices a patient or makes a claim to a medical insurance company. The account is no longer in A/R after a patient pays the invoice or the insurer reimburses your clinic. 

Tips for managing your healthcare accounts receivable.

These are some of the tips that can help you in managing your healthcare accounts receivable.

●       Follow-up on A/R

Accounts receivable must be followed up on for your practice to function smoothly and effectively. To maximize compensation, you must maintain track of rejected cases and reopen them. You may outsource medical accounts receivable services to make the process easier and faster. Outsourcing A/R follow-up activities provides a team of specialists devoted to completing A/R follow-up with more concentration and efficiency. Because of the decreased administrative work, your team can concentrate on their practice.

●       Collect payment at the time of service.

Collecting payment at the moment of service is the most convenient approach to keep your AR department working efficiently and money flowing in. It’s critical to thoroughly investigate your consumers to verify they’ve paid other companies on time, which is a good sign that they’ll also spend their medical bills on time. Providing early payment incentives to encourage patients to pay on time might also be beneficial.

●       Consult with patients & insurance companies.

Maintaining solid relationships with patients and insurance carriers and conducting your due diligence to ensure the collection of past-due ARs can assist in keeping cash flow concerns at bay. To fully remain on top of everything, you must maintain detailed logs of payment information, interactions,  and persistent late-payers. So, build a method that functions like a well-oiled machine.

●       Check each patient’s insurance eligibility.

Many individuals who claim health insurance will likely seek medical attention at your facility. This implies that the insurance companies will pay for the invoiced services. But what if a patient makes a fraudulent claim to have health insurance? In this situation, you will lose your money and right to reimbursement. As a result, you must question the patient about the insurance plan and confirm their eligibility with the insurance payer. This phase will assist you in preventing any unpleasant incident that might negatively impact your revenue cycle 

●       Streamline Your AR Workflow

Manual AR, like sending out invoices and collecting payments, is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Accounts receivable automation improves the productivity of various AR procedures, including revenue cycle management. and delivery updates.

Now, specialized software can assist in automating the whole process, freeing up valuable time for your AR department to concentrate on high-value projects that benefit your bottom line.

Final Thoughts

Automation may significantly improve human Accounts Receivable (AR) activities, which are inherently inefficient and prone to mistakes. AR automation improves overall productivity and accuracy by streamlining procedures like invoice distribution and payment updates. 

Introducing specialized software solutions that automate the AR process allows the AR department to focus on high-value jobs directly benefiting the company’s revenue. Businesses that embrace this revolutionary technology may unleash enormous potential in terms of time savings and accuracy, which will significantly impact their bottom line.

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