Learn Good Techniques To Recover a Deleted File in MS office

There’s no need to panic if you’ve accidentally deleted all of your work that wasn’t saved as a Microsoft Word document. Microsoft word is the working since the dark ages of backing up the floppy discs. Nowadays, such methods have been invented to recover unsaved word documents in simple and easy manners. There are many methods available that can help in this matter. But here, we are going to discuss the most common methods to recover word documents, tips to avoid the loss of word documents, and how we can recover word documents with Recoverit.

Common ways to recover word document

Recovering accidentally deleted word documents can be accomplished in one of several ways.

Temporary File

A temporary file can be used to recover an unsaved Word document. Open a Word document and select the “File Tab” as a starting point. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Click info -> Manager version -> the drop-down list. When you click on “Recover unsaved documents,” a window pops up with a list of all the files that have yet to be saved. Click on the open button after selecting your file. This will create your unsaved word document.

Auto Recover files

In order to recover lost or deleted Word documents, users can also look for Auto Recover files in their Word backups. So, search for auto-recovery files using the following steps. Open the file menu and click on Options. In the left-side navigation, click on the Save button. You can change the automatic save frequency to save a recoverable copy of a word document by selecting “Save AutoRecover information every N minute” and clicking on the OK button to recover your unsaved word document.


Do a backup before trying to recover a word document if the computer crashes unexpectedly. In this case, re-open the word document, the file will appear on the left side of document recovery. Double click on the file, and you will get back all desired unsaved word documents.

Recycle Bin

If you accidentally delete a word document, you can retrieve it from the Recycle Bin.

How do I use Recover it to recover a word document?

If you’ve exhausted all other options and still can’t get your word document back, try this last resort. You can use a data recovery tool. There are many data recovery methods available in the market; the most recommended one is Recover it Data Recovery. It can easily recover your deleted or lost word document back easily. Follow these simple steps to recover a word document using Recover it.

Take a look at your computer and see if Wonder share Recover it can help. To begin the recovery process, navigate to the location where your Word document went missing and click the “Start” button.

Word will begin scanning the disc for previously saved and deleted word document files.

When you’re done scanning, you can view a list of all the recovered Word documents and then click on the “Recover” button to save those particular documents to your computer

Recoverit word document recovery tool can easily recover all unsaved and deleted word documents. But users have to save all their recovered files in other locations; if data is lost again, you can recover all unsaved word documents again.

How to avoid deleting a Word document

The following are some of the most common suggestions for avoiding a lexical slip. These tips will help readers to keep saving their word documents all the time.

When saving a word document, never save it to the OS drive. This is the worst place to store data. Most computers when they lose their operating system are a hard drive reformat and a reinstall of Windows. If this happens, all of the data on the drive will be lost.

• Backup your files regularly:

Storing your files in different locations rather than operating the system is not enough; you have to create regular backups. Always make an effort to increase the number of backup options you use. If the data is important, consider storing it in a fireproof vault.


• Keep an eye out for email attachments:

These can lead to data loss. For example, if you receive an email with infected data and you store it in a location where you have stored your other data, then there are some possibilities that it can damage your already stored data. This means you should scan any files you intend to store on your system before putting them there.


On various operating systems, there are numerous ways to recover deleted Word documents. You can understand and analyze the reliability of the recovered files. Despite all these methods mentioned above, Recover is a data recovery tool that is perfect for quality restoration. Professionals prefer these tools in the event of a system crash or accidental file deletion. You can learn more about this data recovery software by downloading and testing it out for yourself.

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