Is It Worth Investing in Internet Computer (ICP) Price Prediction?

We have summed up a comprehensive guide for the you if you are interested to know about icp internet computer stock or is icp coin a good investment.

 In the past day, Internet Computer (ICP) has gone up by 8.92%. Price has gone up by $0.3742. The trading volume in a 24-hour period has also gone up by 134.87%, to $41,005,447.35. On the market for cryptocurrencies, the ICP coin is now ranked 36th. Even though the token’s price is still a long way from its all-time high of $750.73, it is expected to rise steadily rather than all at once.

Is it smart to buy a computer that can connect to the Internet?

ICP is an interesting blockchain project that got a lot of attention in 2021, when the cryptocurrency bull market was at its peak. It did well on its first day of trading, with a market value of nearly $10 billion.

The Swiss company Dfinity Foundation is in charge of running the Internet Computer. The original goal of the initiative, which was to change how smart contracts work, has been kept. Instead, it speeds up smart contract transactions and lowers the costs of storing them.

ICP is based on a network of cryptographic protocols that link nodes that work on their own to blockchains. The smart contracts and containers can then be put to use on these blockchains. Users can build applications like Chainlink without having to connect to Oracle networks by using a network canister. With the right care, these canisters can process and store important information.

ICP gives its users a lot of benefits, which has made it more useful in real time. It stands out because its platform is good for the environment, it can be scaled up indefinitely, bitcoin can be used, and gas fees can be changed.

Even though ICP is popular, it has been hard to get people in the blockchain community interested in it. Its number of transactions has gone up, but the number of projects that use it has gone down. Most developers have strong feelings about other systems, such as Ethereum, Avalanche, and Solana. But the choice of platform depends on how investors feel and what they want to do.

Estimation of How Much Internet Computers Will Cost

The price of an internet computer has gone up in the last twenty-four hours. Here’s what you need to know about what will happen next. iCP has moved in a neutral direction in recent months. But the green candle formation on the chart shows that the price is likely to go up.

After getting back up from the $3.50 support level, Internet Computer is now trading at $4.52. $5.80 is the next level of resistance. If the coin can go above $5.80, it might gain enough speed to test the $9.8 and $15.6 levels of resistance. But it is likely that the coin will keep moving in a straight line or go back down to the $3.50 support level.

Utilizing Technical Indicators to Forecast Internet Computer Prices

In the preceding twenty-four hours, Internet Computer has expanded. On the chart, it is still trading below the 200-day sliding SMA. Additionally, it is around the 50-day simple moving average. The RSI value of 59.43 indicates a neutral market condition.

Although this is still preliminary, the MACD is displaying indications of a likely rebound. Currently, it is below its signal line, indicating that the market is neutral. ICP is anticipated to return to its nearest support level of $3.50 in the near future. It may hit $5.80 within the next month.

Projects That Can Multiply By Ten Your Investment

Investors recognize that the market is dynamic and ever-changing. Therefore, we recommend the following profitable initiatives.

Dash 2 Commerce (D2T) (

This platform works as a cryptoanalysis tool for a decentralized trading platform.

Users can track and back-test their trading strategies to determine their success. On the site, traders can also make automated transactions.

After the presale finishes, D2T will be listed on BitMart and LBank. D2T is the currency that will unlock all of the features and services of the platform. The presale has generated almost $8.2 million.

Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria is a free-to-play, unique game. It differentiates itself from regular pay-to-play gaming by offering NFTs to registered customers. It is free for users to play games on this platform.

The purpose of the network is to enhance Web 3 solutions for gamers. Unfortunately, the high entrance hurdle for non-crypto gamers has hindered the growth of Web 3 games.

Calvaria has said that all game features will be accessible to non-crypto players. Additionally, competing players receive trade cards and non-fungible tokens.

The platform’s governance token will be the RIA ERC-20 native token.

The RIA has grabbed the interest of a significant number of investors, with the presale at stage 5 and practically sold out. The expected presale success is 2,2 million and increasing.

RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is another free-to-play virtual reality game that pushes the boundaries of the genre. In the Metaverse, users can design their own planet, for instance.

Each player will represent the core RobotEra NFTs as robots in-game. Players can collaborate with other robot companions to restore the planet Taro. It increases the value of gamers’ Metaverse land parcels.

Quests and other activities, including mining, staking, concerts, and planting trees, allow players to earn both active and passive income.

Link Labs is providing financial and advisory help to ensure the success of the endeavor. Consequently, the 2022 presale is among the highest.

The currency of the multiverse is TARO, the native token. It is acquired with either USDT or Ethereum. It is currently worth 0.020 USDT, and the first presale generated roughly $348,000 in revenue.


The cryptocurrency industry is exploding with new coinage that appear to be associated with the metaverse. Although there are no assurances, investors continue to seek for profitable opportunities. In the coming days, the price of an Internet computer will fluctuate. Consequently, it is recommended to invest in promising ventures at the presale phase.

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