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House for Sale in Turkey Istanbul

Turkey’s most populous city, Istanbul, has been the capital for centuries and is a city with an open-air history museum. It is everyone’s dream to have a beautiful house in this city that fascinates people with its natural beauty. The company, which offers unique real estate solutions for all districts in the Istanbul real estate market category, provides a house for sale in Turkey Istanbul, which you are looking for from 1 plus 1 studio flats to the villa category. You can buy apartments from every region of Istanbul, which has the feature of a historical museum.

The company, which sets out with experienced real estate agents, is determined by the features sought by the customer in the first stage. People who are not experts in this profession search for a house for days but need help finding the place they are looking for. The company’s expert staff provides convenience in this regard and firstly determines the features of the house that the customer is looking for.

Real Estate in Turkey Istanbul

Finding the house you are looking for in the real estate market may take time, but real estate agents who are business experts find the home quickly. Trust and quality are important in this market. The Meares company offers an objective solution option in the real estate market, where it is essential to find solutions without wasting time. It provides the service quality you are looking for at the address The real estate specialist company continues to provide 24/7 service and always produces solutions for house for sale in Turkey Istanbul searches.

The company staff who help in the house search process prepares a list of house options with affordable prices. The house options for the customer’s purse are presented to the customer, and the most suitable options are determined. Then, the elements contact the seller and bring the buyer and seller together. At this stage, bargaining begins, and the sales contract is signed if an agreement is reached. Then, the company staff applies to the title deed, and the sale process takes place on the date determined by the act. In the category of house for sale in Turkey Istanbul,sales to foreign customers are carried out by international procedure.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

For non-citizens residing in Turkey, Turkish citizenship by investment is essential. Citizenship of the Republic of Turkey is given to people who live in any city within the borders of Turkey and make an economic investment in the amount specified in the law.

Anyone born to a mother or father who is a citizen of Turkey and is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey is registered as a Turkish citizen. Those whose mothers, fathers, or children are Turkish citizens can also apply for citizenship. Those who set up their business, come for education or settle in Turkey through marriage also apply for citizenship.

How to Become a Turkish Citizen by Investment?

Turkey gives Turkish citizenship by investment. Those who want to invest in becoming a citizen of Turkey need to invest between 250 000 and 500 000 dollars. After this investment, an application is made, and an investigation is started. Applications with elements that threaten the social and public sphere are not accepted. Those who want to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment should pay attention to the following issues:

  1. To purchase real estate for at least 250 thousand USD and not to sell this real estate for at least three years.
  2. To make a capital investment of at least 500 thousand USD within the borders of Turkey, to commit for three years.
  3. To save not to sell for three years for a floor easement worth 250 thousand USD.
  4. To employ 50 people in any sector within the borders of Turkey,
  5. To be included in the government’s borrowing system, deposit 500 USD and not sell for three years.
  6. You are buying a 500 thousand USD venture fund and committing for three years.

Those who want to become Turkish citizens must comply with the application requirements. Persons who do not comply with the requirements cannot apply. The Turkish Grand National Assembly can change the official procedure for Turkish citizenship. By following these changes, current citizenship procedures can be observed. The company sells to foreign companies and helps tourists who want to become citizens by purchasing real estate.

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