Development Update of 7 Wonders City vs Blue World City


In this article, we will compare the development updates, plot size, and features of 7 wonders and blue world city.

7 Wonders City

7 wonders city is a new housing society that has recently opened in a prime location. It’s a cutting-edge project by GFS Developers that includes a variety of amenities necessary for a comfortable lifestyle. This new housing society opens up new opportunities for residents and investors across the country. This project is also suitable for Overseas Pakistanis who want to do construction after a few years. Most importantly, work on 7 Wonders City begins quickly. We are making it a first-rate option for capital-city property buyers.

7 Wonders City Development

This society was only 4 – 5 months old when it was officially launched. However, it is now a graceful development. Yes, it is surprising and almost unbelievable that the development of 7 Wonders City has begun so quickly.

As a service road is planned on both sides, the society’s development planning is outstanding. Everyone who lives or moves nearby will have easy access to this. Furthermore, the land levelling work is progressing. Heavy machinery, including rollers, is currently working on the site. All of the land’s work will be completed soon, and the site will undoubtedly have good infrastructure development.

Plots of 7 Wonders City

First, Plots will be visible on the site once the road and footpath are completed. GFS Builders intends to design this project with lush greenery in order to keep the environment neat and clean.

The progress on the site and the rapid development of the land are undoubtedly welcome news for all of the project’s buyers and investors. People who have already invested their money will profit greatly. However, it has good investment opportunities for investors who want to maximise their income by submitting amounts in instalments. This society is brilliant in every way. From the location to the facilities and plot availability at the lowest prices, this project is top-notch. Your investment in this Seven Wonders City Islamabad will grow quickly, so don’t pass up this golden opportunity.

Blue World City 

Blue World City  (A Pak-China Friendly City) has now been launched in ISLAMABAD near the New Islamabad International Airport, with the vision of making it Pakistan’s New Commercial Hub, creating whole Sale & Retail Markets for Pakistani & Chinese manufacturers alike, and providing easy and safe access to buyers locally & internationally due to the project’s strategic location adjacent to the CPEC route (M-2 Motorway) and being near the New Islamabad International Airport.

Development Update of Blue world city

The development carried out with the highest quality by the Blue Group of Companies and will include common spaces and services at the pinnacle of this iconic property.

Blue World City Islamabad has purchased 5000 Kanal, which will be divided into blocks and plots.

A hectic and hectic daily routine can become a burden. To get away from this stressful environment, one always fantasises about living in a peaceful and tranquil place where one can enjoy natural beauty and luxury. Blue Hills Farms is located nearby to meet that need.

Living a stressful life, whether you are a businessman or a 9 to 5 employee, can have an impact on your mental and physical health. That is why, to recharge, a tranquil environment close to nature and away from the urban bustle is required. Blue Hills Country Farms is an ideal getaway location For those seeking a stress-free lifestyle. The farms provide a peaceful and close-to-nature environment.

The Blue Hills country Farms is located in the most tranquil area of the society’s with a beautiful water-stream nearby and surrounded by the natural magnificence of the society.

Awami Residential Complex

Blue World Awami Residential Complex is the newest addition to the magnificent Blue World City housing project. The complex is made up of independent and duplex units, each of which is outfitted with everything needed to live a luxurious life with breathtaking views of society. Each unit is designed to provide long-term infrastructure, luxurious amenities, and comfort.

Awami Residential Complex is being built with the general public’s residential needs in mind, in order to meet the growing demand for affordable residential properties. Blue world Awami complex consists of single duplex units built on a budget, but quality was never compromised. The BWC Awami Complex is the pinnacle of low-cost housing construction.

This Awami Residential Complex is located parallel to the General Block with direct access to Chakri interchange Road, one of the most sought-after areas near Islamabad International Airport.


Blue World City Islamabad is a fantasy lodging society for Pakistanis. The most appealing aspect of this general public is that it is reasonable and also provides an advanced office.

Because society is still in the process of organizing, the costs are still low. Once the general public has completely evolved in 1 to 2 years, the costs may rise, and these low costs will no longer be available. BWC’s top selling points are portion instalment plans, moderateness, and extravagant conveniences.


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