Common Private Jet Sizes

There are many different private jets to choose from when you need to book a charter. Just like when you go car shopping, jets come in various classes, abilities, and comfort levels. Here is some information you can use to get an idea of what size of plane you’ll need for your trip.

Small Private Jets

Besides the size of the private jet you choose, charter prices depend on several factors, including your departure location, departure date, and the size of your group. At the low end of the spectrum are the small private planes, which are the very light and the light private jets. Turboprop planes are small, but they’re in a different class. However, their re-emergence in popularity puts them back on the radar.

  • Turboprop – Gas prices are soaring, and this hits the aircraft industry and ground transportation. If speed and a high level of comfort aren’t as important to you as fuel economy is these days, an old-fashioned turboprop plane may be the perfect choice for you. According to the International Council on Clean Transportation, this era of high fuel prices is causing turboprop planes to make a comeback. Turboprop examples include the Cessna 208 Caravan, Pilatus PC-12 NGX, Beechcraft Super King Air 350i, Piaggio Avanti EVO, Daher Kodiak, Piper Meridian P46T and the Cessna Conquest II.
  • Very Light – You’ll sometimes hear very light planes referred to as entry-level jets, microjets and personal jets. On the downside, they usually don’t have a lavatory on board. These planes would suffice for a party of four to six people traveling less than 500 miles. Despite their small size and omission of a lavatory, very light private jets can still provide you with a small amount of luxury in the sky. They’re generally piloted by one pilot, although air ambulance flights may require two. Since these planes don’t need a long tarmac, they can land at just about any airport. Some of them can fly up to three and one-half hours before needing to refuel. The Embraer, Cessna Citation Mustang and the Eclipse 500 are examples.
  • Light – A light plane accommodates between five and six passengers. Light planes are similar in size to very light planes but have extra cargo space and a lavatory. They can also fly 1,500 nautical miles before they need to refuel. Light plane examples include the Lear 40, Falcon 10, Citation Encore and Citation II.

Mid and Super-Midsized Private Jets

Mid and super-midsized planes accommodate up to 10 people while providing several in-flight amenities and accommodations. You’ll find a wide variety of range, speed and comfort among the mid-size jets. However, you’ll be sure you’ll have luggage compartments and fold-out divans. You can stand up in some of them.

Some midsized charters give you a flight attendant. A super-midsized private jet provides more amenities, but the big difference is its capability to fly almost 3,600 nautical miles (about seven hours) between stops for refueling. Plan on going five hours at a time in a midsized jet. The Challenger 300/350, Hawker 800, and the LearJet 60/75 are examples. Both options are viable ones for people who need to book a private jet charter in Chicago for a large family, small company, or other groups. Chicago is a popular destination for private jet charters, with many flights coming in from Wisconsin.

Heavy Private Jets

You can take a party of up to 18 passengers on a heavy private jet. You’ll deeply impress everyone in your group because heavy private jets are outfitted with private bedrooms, entertainment areas, lounges, workspaces, and more. You can expect to receive the very finest in-flight amenities and perks when you book a heavy private jet. You’ll also need a heavy private jet to fly cross-country or internationally.

These planes can fly up to nine hours between refueling. Quite the opposite of small planes, heavy planes require big-airport landing strips to take off and land. Consider booking an Embraer lineage 1000, Challenger 600 or Gulfstream GV.

There’s a private jet for groups of up to 18 people. You can fly to both domestic and foreign destinations. When you use a private jet charter, your vacation starts the moment you board.

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