China will fight to the end for Taiwan

China’s defence minister said on Sunday that the government will “fight to the end” to prevent Taiwanese independence, ratcheting up already high tensions with the United States.

This self-governed, democratic island, which Beijing sees as a part of its territory, has become a battleground between the superpowers.

The battleground between the superpowers

On Saturday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Beijing of “destabilizing”. Military activities in a speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue security meeting, citing frequent Chinese aircraft incursions near Taiwan.

Wei Fenghe, China’s defence minister, delivered a strong response at the same occasion, stating Beijing has “no choice” but to fight if Taiwan is separated from China.

“We will fight at all costs and to the very end,” he said during the conference, which brings together defence ministers from Asia and all over the world. Read More

China’s territorial integrity

In order to maintain China’s territorial integrity, “no one should ever underestimate the Chinese military forces’ resolve and capacity.” There will be no positive ending for those attempting to break China by pushing for Taiwanese independence.

China’s Foreign Minister, Wei Fenghe

China’s Foreign Minister, Wei Fenghe, called on the United States to “stop smearing and containing China. Stop meddling in Chinese internal matters and stop damaging China’s interests”

At others, he used more conciliatory language, asking for a “solid” and “vital” relationship between China and the United States.

Austin emphasized the significance of “completely open channels of communication with China’s defence leaders” in preventing miscalculations throughout his speech. Read More.

Singapore on Friday

In Singapore on Friday, they had their first face-to-face talks, during which they also fought about Taiwan.

Increasing Chinese military aircraft incursions within Taiwan’s air defence identification zone have exacerbated tensions between the two countries (ADIZ).

President Joe Biden

While on a state visit to Japan last month. Vice President Joe Biden appeared to defy decades of US policy by saying that. The United States would use military force to defend Taiwan if it was attacked.

According to White House officials, the policy of “strategic ambiguity” on whether or not to intervene has not altered.

Austin and Wei

Some experts saw the fact that Austin and Wei were prepare to meet in person despite the heightened tensions as a modest indication of hope.

Ian Chong

An associate professor of political science at Singapore’s National University of Singapore, Ian Chong, argued that “talking is better than not talking.”

“However, I don’t expect any breakthroughs at this stage. Maybe in the future, it will lead to something. They’ve fought over everything from human rights to human rights abuses and Russia’s annexation of Ukraine. This is just the latest.

China’s vast claims to the sea

As a result of China’s vast claims to the sea. Which pass through trillions of dollars in shipping trade every year, rival claimants Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam have inflamed tensions.

China’s Claim Dismissed in a Landmark Hague Judgement

China, whose historical claims were dismiss in a landmark Hague judgement in 2016, hasĀ  accuse of dangerously intercepting patrol planes in international airspace and flying its planes and sailing its boats close to the shores of competing claimants.

As the world’s giants traded blows. The first meeting of Australia’s and China’s defence ministers in three years showed prospects of improvement in relations between the two countries.

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