4 Plumbing Snakes You Can Buy at Walmart

You may have heard of the infamous Millipede drain cleaner. Pictures of it snatching stuff out of drains went viral. This plumbing snake has 1,000 microhooks that grab the debris in your drain. It’s easy to use. First, uncurl it and feed it down the drain. Once it’s down, spin and yank it out.

Cobra Products GIDDS-211332

The Cobra Products GIDDS-211332 plumber’s snake is an excellent choice if you’re in need of a tool to unclog your drain. This tool has a 100-foot cable, a 3/4-horsepower engine, reinforced edges, and double wheels. It’s lightweight and easy to use. Read More

Ryobi cordless power drain snake

The Ryobi cordless power drain snake is an excellent tool for a range of tasks. It features a powerful motor and a 25-foot cable. It also has auto feed and cable clasps. A back drain port means you can use the drain snake to clear small pipes. One of its key features is its portability. It is lightweight and can be carried easily by hand or set on a flat surface.

This drain snake comes with a 25-foot cable and a rechargeable battery. It can work in forward and reverse directions and has a lock-on auto feature. And  It can clear drain up to two inches. It is recommended for use by homeowners or professionals. For more complicated drain jobs, a larger drain snake is a good choice. Regardless of the size of your drain, it’s possible to find a drain snake with the necessary capabilities and the right power source for your needs. Learn More

If you’re working on driveway or sewer drains, you may need a longer drain snake. The extra long model works for drain lines two to four inches wide. It features a 25-foot cable and a large handle for ease of maneuvering. Its cable is made of high-carbon round-diameter spring steel that will resist rust. It also has a stop screw to make sure the cable is set properly.

Another option is to buy a manual drain snake. These are easily available in home improvement stores and are great for clearing minor clogs. Unlike the cordless power drain snake, these drain snakes need to be rotated manually. However, they are still effective for clearing small clogs.

Ryobi 115v auto feed drain cleaning machine

The Ryobi 115v auto feed drain cleaning tool is easy to use and has a slim profile. The tool features a patented AUTOFEED control and an integrated Wound Cable (IW). The machine can clean drain lines from 1-1/2″ to 4″ wide. It comes with a two-wheel cart and a four-piece tool set.

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