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Why Pandora jewelry is expensive ?

Jewelry is the ornament that people all over the world crave. While many brands dot the vast landscape of this industry, Pandora jewelry has found itself a niche spot in this environment. A Danish company founded in 1982, Pandora is mainly famous for its charms which made up 51% of the total revenue made by the company in 2020. The following two famous products are bracelets and rings, which make up 35% of the total revenue.

With a global reach of 100 countries, it will have made over three billion dollars in 2021. The jewelry by Pandora is considered to be expensive by many a person. But sometimes, cost should not be a limiting factor, especially if it is backed by features. Three primary attributes cause them to be so expensive.


People are highly concerned about the environment and have been campaigning for businesses to go green. While companies usually posture in front of the public, Pandora has walked the talk. Since 2020, they have sourced only renewable energy for all their crafting facilities. They have pledged to be carbon neutral in their operations by 2025 and reduce pollution by recycling silver and gold for their jewelry. Using recycled materials for their box and man-made stones instead of natural diamonds, Pandora showcases that their customers can buy their products without concerns. While this might increase the costs, the question we must ask is whether it is worth the extra money to protect the environment.


Usually, jewelry is readymade, and customers have to buy the one that they feel will match their aesthetics. However, Pandora believes that the customer should have some level of control so that the jewelry they buy expresses their style and who they are as a person. While the design is preset, the customer can decide on the size and material of the product. Color is an excellent symbol of your style and personality. With the wide variety of products in different colors, the customer no longer has to worry about having a personal ornament. Through their patented charm bracelets, customers can experiment with different types of charms. While this degree of customizability is higher than any other brand in the market, it also has a more expensive price tag.


Pandora chooses the most premium and quality materials for its products. For metals, they use sterling silver, 14K gold, and 18K gold. Most of their products allow you to choose the material that you want. For stones, while they have natural stones, Pandora focuses on man-made stones, including synthetic diamonds. With superior craftsmanship and easy maintenance, Pandora ensures customers get their money’s worth. Their products will maintain their shine and brilliance even after long-term use. If the jewelry is tarnished, all Pandora stores will clean the product for free.

While the product is expensive, there is no doubt that the attributes of the jewelry are more than enough for the given price range. Pandora jewelry is more than just an ornament; it is also an extension of you.

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