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What Can You Do to Reduce Your Risks of Oral Cancer?

A few steps in the right direction can help reduce your risk of oral cancer. Here are more details about it. So, what comes to your mind when you think of oral health? Of course, you would think of avoiding cavities, keeping the mouth clean, and doing away with bad breath. However, the need to prevent oral cancer causes hardly ever occurs in the mind, which also explains a lack of awareness about it. Read More

To mitigate the risks of oral cancer, you need to follow the given tips:

Quit smoking

The duration and frequency of using tobacco are directly proportional to your risk of getting head and neck cancers, along with other health problems. Chewing or smoking tobacco forms a kind of gray-white ulcer in the mouth that can get cancerous.

Cut back on alcohol

Heavy drinking is one of the oral cancer causes because it irritates the mouth and increases the chances of developing cancerous ulcers over time.

Regular dental check-ups

Most people only consider going to a dentist when they have a dental problem. However, regular dental check-ups are just as important to keep cancer at bay.

Protect the lips

Prolonged ultraviolet radiation can be a cause of lip cancer. So, if you are prone to sunburns, use a lip balm containing SPF every time you go out.

Lower the risks of HPV

HPV (human papillomavirus) can lead to oral cancer in some, but not all cases. It is usually transmitted through oral sex through one encounter. The most effective way to keep HPV away is to practice safe sex.

And that’s all! For more information on staying safe from oral cancer, get in touch with your doctor. Never skip your regular dental check-ups and stay away from both alcohol and tobacco. Also, remember to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

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