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From a time when MP3 players were being bought primarily for their ability to play MP3 files, we have come to a point where such MP3 playing functionality is pretty much standard, and where MP3 players are increasingly being purchased on the basis of what ‘extras’ they come with, rather than their MP3 playing capabilities – which, as mentioned, are pretty much expected to be standard at this point in time. In the new order of things, then, the best free mp3juice player is considered to be the one with the greatest variety of useful ‘extras,’ with the ‘no-frills’ MP3 player increasingly proving to be a hard sell. Read More

In keeping with the trend where players are being judged on the basis of their add-ons then, Cowan, the makers of audio MP3 players have been keen to create gadgets with a lot of extra functionality beyond – of course – a superb capability at playing.

One of the features that can be termed as an ‘extra’ in audio MP3 players, and which is increasingly proving to be a major hit with users is the lyrics display functionality. Thanks to this feature, if it is turning out to be hard for you to make out what the various artists happen to be saying in the music you play on your audio MP3 player, you can then get to read their lyrics on the audio MP3 player’s rather wide LCD-technology based screen – and thereby even get to ‘sing along.’ Now a feature like this, while not an essential feature in a MP3 player in the strictest sense of the word ‘essential’ is nonetheless a highly attractive feature.

Multi-software support is another ‘extra’ feature in audio MP3 player which is proving to be a major hit with users. Now this multi-platform support is termed as an ‘extra’ because the only software support absolutely necessary in a player is for the free download mp3 playing software – so that anything above it is really an ‘extra.’ Talking of multi-software support, we find the latest version We understand how difficult a is to stick to a budget while traveling overseas. You must first pay for the approval of papers, then book tickets, which vary in price according to the distance between the origin and destination points of audio MP3 player coming with for among others MAC and Linux operating systems, Jet Audio multi-media player, and much more.

Yet another highly alluring ‘extra’ in the audio MP3 players is the text reading capability it comes with – which when combined with multi-tasking capabilities makes it possible for a user to, for instance, play music while at the same time reading a document in (or other supported multi-media file format) on the gadget’s screen.

Sound creation capability is the fourth of these attractive ‘extras’ in the audio MP3 player, a feature through which users can actually get to create their own sounds using the so-called EQ Jet Effect. This is not a petty feature as it might first sound – when you take into consideration the fact that you can create more than a TRILION different sounds using this feature, and transfer them to different other gadgets or equipment, since the latest versions of audio MP3 players have tended to come with advanced USB functionality, that can be used in ferrying all manner of stuff to and from the audio MP3 players.

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