Top 6 Benefits of Choosing Woven Polypropylene Bags for Packaging By TAN HUNG JSC

Woven polypropylene sacks, also known as woven PP bags, are versatile and durable packaging option that is commonly used in a variety of industries. These sacks are made from a type of plastic called polypropylene, which is known for its strength, flexibility, and resistance to moisture and chemicals.

The best choice for bulk packaging across diverse industries, a packaging solution with exceptional aesthetic appeal, and the right functionality— Woven Polypropylene Bags are the most viable option. These bags are manufactured from Polypropylene and form a durable packaging solution.

Woven PP bags are also a popular choice for packaging and transporting a wide range of products, including:

  • Food products: Woven PP bags are commonly used to package and transport food products such as grains, rice, flour, and other dry goods. They are also used to package and transport frozen foods and other perishable items.
  • Industrial materials: Woven PP bags are often used to package and transport industrial materials such as sand, gravel, and other construction materials. They are also used to package and transport chemicals and other hazardous materials.
  • Agricultural products: Woven PP bags are commonly used to package and transport agricultural products such as animal feed, fertilizers, and seeds.
  • Recyclable materials: Woven PP bags are also used to package and transport recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, and metal.

What makes woven polypropylene better?

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic substance that results from the polymerization of propylene and creates a heavier-duty material that can withstand much larger weights. The woven polypropylene fabric is created by extruding the plastic film and drawing it into filaments, which are then woven into large sheets. A range of products can be designed hereafter such as container bags, woven bags, geotextile fabrics, etc.

Here are some unique properties of this woven fabric:

  • It is lightweight and breathable due to the low density of polypropylene
  • It is a non-staining fabric that is easy to clean and therefore, reusable
  • It is a non-toxic plastic resin with antibacterial properties
  • It is not waterproof by itself but adding a laminated film makes the fabric waterproof

Thus, polypropylene woven bags can fulfill a diverse role in bulk packaging solutions. The clear benefits range from protecting products from contamination to extending shelf life by preventing spoilage.

The many benefits of polypropylene woven bags

Fail-proof packaging solutions for commodities like grains, sugar, fruits, vegetables, and tea, are very important for the Indian Market. In all these cases, PP woven sacks have proven to be very effective in domestic use and exports.

Here are the top seven benefits of choosing woven polypropylene bags for your bulk packaging needs:

1. PP woven bags have adequate mechanical properties that can safely pack commodities during long-term storage and long-haul transportation. They are anti-microbial, and weather-resistant along with sufficient tensile properties. Moreover, pp woven sacks are also conducive to grain metabolism due to their functional property of dissipating moisture and temperature. Thus, an ideal choice for bulk packaging of food grains.

2.  Durability is another aspect where PP woven bags score big. They are resistant to abrasion and bending, acids, and organic solvents. They have superior tensile strength and elongation resulting in increased drop impact strength and anti-slip tendencies.

3. The above advantages lend another benefit to PP woven bags and that is reusability which makes them very cost-effective. They are non-staining and can be cleaned easily for multiple usages. The abundant and easy availability of raw materials, simple production, and assembly make them economical. Operational convenience and higher stability in stacking make secondary packaging like palletization, etc. easier adding to the overall cost-effectiveness.

4.  Design options for PP woven bags are numerous. They can be customized with side gussets for bulky items and cut to size for unique products. The versatility in the bottom and top construction means it can be designed to suit any filling and discharge mechanism. Besides, various other options like polyethylene liner or external lamination can make them ideally suited to other products. For instance, cement PP sacks are laminated with microscopic holes designed in them to let the air out while filling.

5.  Advertising is better with PP woven sacks as they are printable with high-quality graphics. Choose from different colors, designs, and sizes to get your company logo printed on the bag’s surface. The promotion of product packaging influences customers and is an ideal marketing effort. BOPP lamination takes the game further. Moreover, they have good aesthetics and visibility too.

6.  Sustainability is an important consideration in the life cycle of packaging products. Woven polypropylene bags are an environmentally friendly option since they can be reused multiple times. They are completely recyclable and are often melted down and made into new products, once they serve their bulk packaging uses.

These inherent advantages in functional performance and cost benefits are proof that you should approach a polypropylene bag manufacturer without delay.

Choosing the right polypropylene woven bag supplier for your product can elevate your business in many quantifiable ways. All you need to do is dictate your requirements of usage, desired size, and estimated order quantities, and witness the best in storage and transportation of commodities.

About Tan Hung JSC, the Vietnam PP woven bag manufacturer

Tan Hung JSC is the leading manufacturer of PP woven bags, PP woven sacks, and PP woven fabrics in VIETNAM. ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP certified.

Production Capacity: monthly, 20 million PP woven bags, PP woven sacks, and 1000 tons of PP woven fabric.

The company supplies national and foreign markets, such as Europe (Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Greece), Russia, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and the Americas. These demanding markets force us to work with the highest possible quality and productivity standards.

TAN HUNG offers a range of pp woven sacks in different sizes, weights, and colours. These sacks are made with woven polypropylene making them extremely durable. Woven polypropylene sacks are ideal for heavy or sharp items that typically burst through weaker bags.


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