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The Importance of Dupatta in Pakistani Fashion

The dupatta is worn in several regional styles across Pakistan. Originally, it was used as a symbol of modesty. This is a representation that still exists. However, several people today wear dupatta simply as a decorative accessory. A dupatta is a shawl worn by the women of Pakistan. It is mainly used as a part of the salwar kameez outfit in Pakistan, and often worn over a gharara and a kurta. Read More

How is a Dupatta Worn?

A dupatta is usually worn around the head and across both shoulders. However, it can also be worn like a cape around the entire upper torso. The fabric and material for it can vary conferring to the dress. There are several methods of wearing a dupatta. When not draped over the head in a traditional manner, it is often worn with the middle part of it resting on the chest like a garland while the ends are thrown over each shoulder.

When it is worn with the salwar kameez, it is usually allowed to flow down the back and front. In a few ways, a Pakistani dupatta is draped habitually over a shoulder, and even over the arms. One of the latest trends is a short dupatta which looks more like a stole or a scarf, and is usually worn with a small kurta.

The Significance of Dupatta in Fashion

In a fundamental manner, the dupatta is treated as an accessory in the existing urban area along with metropolitan fashion of Pakistan. It is used as a covering for the face and the head. It is a long scarf often worn by the women in Pakistan and India. It is also called chunni at times. It is reflected as a symbol of modesty and it compliments the appearance of salwar kameez.

A dupatta can be called an extremely versatile piece of clothing. It can be worn in different ways, in different styles, with several changed garments. The patterns, colors, designs and decorations are elegant with respect to the dupatta. The formal dupatta can be worn in all parts of Pakistan. Today, an enhanced number of Pakistani women wear dupatta whenever they wear salwar kameez. In fact, it is considered an essential piece of cloth with every sort of dress.

The dupatta evolved gradually and went on from being a simple fabric for practical uses to something that compliments the overall appearance of a woman, for instance coordinating suits. However, the length of the dupatta may vary. It can start from 2.5 and can go up to 3 meters with the width around 36 inches respectively.

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