Russia Has Suspended Inspections Of Strategic Armaments

Russian Government’s foreign ministry

According to a statement released by the Russian government’s foreign ministry, the inspection conditions set by Washington provided “unilateral benefits for the United States and effectively deprived the Russian Federation of the ability to conduct inspections on American soil.” Read More

In addition, it was stated that Russia would maintain its unwavering dedication to complying with all of the treaty’s stipulations.

Russia’s decision

As part of a barrage of sanctions imposed in response to Russia’s decision in February to send its armed forces into Ukraine, the United States and its allies, including Britain and the European Union, closed their airspace to Russian planes. This action was taken in response to the fact that Russia had decided to send its armed forces into Ukraine.

New START Treaty

The New START Treaty, which entered into force in 2011, places a limit on the number of strategic nuclear warheads that the United States and Russia are able to deploy, as well as the number of land-, submarine-, and air-based missiles and bombers that are able to deliver those warheads. Learn More

President Joe Biden

On the previous Monday, Vice President Joe Biden of the United States stated that his administration was prepared to “expeditiously” negotiate a framework to replace New START, which is due to expire in 2026. If Moscow demonstrated its willingness to resume work on nuclear arms control, the United States would be ready to move forward with the negotiations.

Russia’s representation to the United Nations stated

However, Russia’s representation to the United Nations stated that the United States had pulled out of separate talks with Moscow on strategic stability over the war in Ukraine and that the United States needed to decide what it wanted.

The Kremlin announced the next day that there was not much time left to negotiate a substitute for New START, which put the safety of the entire world in jeopardy.

Crisis in Ukraine

As a result of the crisis in Ukraine, political tensions have reached levels not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. As a result, officials in both Russia and the United States have publicly spoken about the possibility of World War Three breaking out as a result of the fight.

Moscow claims

Moscow claims that it has no choice but to act in Ukraine in order to protect Russian speakers from being persecuted and to prevent the West from using Ukraine as a tool to harm Russia’s national security. The Ukrainian capital of Kyiv and its Western backers have stated that these allegations are groundless pretexts for an imperialistic-style territorial grab.

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