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Mrityu Yog in kundli

Mrityu or death is a universally accepted truth. All who are born into the universe have to die one day. The date, time, and location of death are already established in the Kundali. Astrology does however shed an light on the kind of death that a person is likely to experience. It is possible to identify certain Yogas in Kundali that reveal the kind of death that a person going to suffer. Astrologically, to determine the date to die, you usually detect the time through Maraka Dasha.

The Marakas:

  • The Eighth House from Lagna represents Ayusthan or the longevity of the indigenous. The eighth house, which is called the Third House of Lagna also represents longevity as per Bhavat Bhavam concept.
  • The 12th house in any house signifies that the property is lost when taken into the eyes of. The twelveth house of eight is seventh. From third, it’s in the second. So the seventh and the second house are referred to as Maraka homes as well as their Lords are Maraka Planets.
  • In normal times, Dasha, Antardasha of Pratyantar Dasha period of Maraka planets kill the people who live there. It doesn’t matter if the planet is naturally positive or negative.

The mystery surrounding the eighth house

The twenty-second Drekkna Lord as well as sixty-fourth Navamsa Lord of the Moon are also extremely unlucky. Lords of Trik houses could also bring death on the native. Buy Percocet Online

The Lord of the Eighth House as well as the planets within the 8th house in your or any online kundali can be the cause of death. The eighth house can be filled with:

  • Sun then dies, and the death takes place because of burning or fire.
  • Moon then dies, and death takes place because of water.
  • Mars and death can occur because of an accident or weapon.
  • Mercury and death takes place because of the fever.
  • Jupiter Then death will take place because of diseases.
  • Venus and death, then take place because of the lack of food.
  • Saturn Then death will be the result of thirst.

Therefore, it’s difficult to accurately estimate the length of life of an individual However, when it is concluded that there is no Maraka period, then Saturn could play the position of a death-inducing the planet. You can also check here the signififance of kundali milan and how does it caste impact on couples life. Buy Percocet Online

Saturn’s Role

  • Saturn is a symbol of longevity even when it is placed in the eighth house.
  • However, if it is poorly situated or is influenced or unwisely because of his Lordship over an unlucky house, it could result in a great deal of harm to Saturn’s capacity to prolong the life of the person born.
  • If Saturn is linked to the Maraka planet, it transforms into Maraka its own planet, surpassing the other planets.

Twelfth Lord’s Connection

  • Sometimes, death can occur even if the day of Maraka isn’t yet arrived.
  • Lord of the Twelfth House is known as Antya or terminal. It signifies Moksha Karaka, which frees the person from the cycle of birth and dying.
  • Thus, when the Lord of the Twelveth is associated with the second seventh or eighth house these houses are used to symbolize death.

Rahu/Ketu as Marakas:

  • If Rahu or Ketu is situated in Lagna seventh, eighth or twelfth houses from Markesha as well as together with Markesha and Markesha, both of these planets turn into Markesha themselves and produce outcomes in the form of Dasha as well as Antardasha.
  • Rahu changes into Maraka to signify Capricorn as well as Scorpio ascendant.
  • Rahu causes pain and misery throughout his Dasha.

The third house and the cause of death:

  • The strong Sun located in the third house of ascendant can cause death through punishment from the King or the government.
  • Moon located within the 3rd house could cause death through consumption.
  • The presence of mercury in your third house could cause the death of a person due to high fever.
  • Mars that are in the house of the Third could cause ulcers, injuries from the fire or a weapon.
  • Saturn and Rahu together or in aspects to the third house could cause death through poisoning, falls from heights, or fire.
  • Jupiter located in the third house may cause the death of tumors or swelling.
  • Venus located in the 3rd house can cause deaths due to urinary tract problems.
  • In the event that the house of the Third is being occupied with many planets, death could be caused by a variety of ailments.

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