Instagram Influencers: The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Ecommerce Campaign

In the beginning, Instagram was a trove of images with high-speed flash that showed the food you’re eating as well as #sunset photos and even pet photos. Buying Instagram Followers
If you open the app right now, Instagram, you will see that influencers from Instagram dominate. This is for a reason.
Collaboration with Instagram influencers is about creating innovative campaigns that help build brand awareness and ultimately result in conversions.
With so many opportunities for your store to become involved, it isn’t easy to figure out how to use Instagram influencers.
In this article, we’ll go over: Buying Instagram Followers

What exactly is Instagram influencer marketing means?

The advantages when working with Instagram influencers
How do you create the Instagram influencer campaign
Brands make mistakes while working alongside Instagram influencers
A couple of Instagram marketing ideas we like
How do you measure the return on investment of your Instagram influencer marketing campaign?
This article has a lot of information to unravel, so let’s tackle it.

What exactly is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

The term “influencer” on Instagram refers to an Instagram influencer as a person who’s built an image or a reputation in an area of interest on Instagram. They usually advertise products or services through their content for lifestyle. Buying Instagram Followers

Thus, Instagram influencer marketing is when brands from e-commerce work with these Instagram or Shopify influencers to promote their products, services, or even initiatives.

A few examples of near-celebrity-level influencers are Alexa Chung, known for fashion, Marie Kondo for design and organization; and Kayla Itsines, to promote fitness. This is just the top of the line–Instagram influencers are a wide variety of niches concerning the number of followers, their aesthetics, and much more (we’ll explore that more later).

Does Instagram influencer marketing work?

Much effort, time, budgeting, and time are invested in the success of Instagram influencer-driven campaigns. If they are done correctly, they can create huge waves for companies.

Working with Instagram influencers results in the highest conversion rate for online retailers. Companies can expect to earn more than five times more for every dollar spent on this marketing. Buying Instagram Followers

But, even if the campaign cannot generate immediate sales, the campaign can create numerous customer contact points, leading to later conversions.

Consider the activewear brand Fabletics such as:

Fabletics was looking to increase its brand’s visibility, convey its values and encourage customers to become their best selves. The #Kick Butt Look Cute campaign launched with 12 influencers, including three with nano-sized followings in addition to nine influencers with micro-sized follower followings.

Working with Instagram influencers with varying followers allowed Fabletics to increase the campaign’s visibility since different influencers have diverse engagement rates.

The campaign was not aimed at promoting a particular product. Instead, it was a state of mind aligned with Fabletics values. This is why the campaign had a 9.41 percentage of engagement. Roughly ten percent of the people who saw the advertisement engaged with it, and several potential Instagram users might eventually turn into customers.

It may not result in buying right away from Fabletics; however, huge amounts of the followers of participants were aware of the items featured and might be considering Fabletics as one of their top brands to explore. Buying Instagram Followers

This is what happens with these kinds of campaigns! The concept of attribution isn’t easy and isn’t linear. However, in some cases, brand recognition could be the thing you’re looking for.

The different types of Instagram influencers

Some brands cannot collaborate with celebrities, But one of the major benefits of working with e-commerce Instagram celebrities is the diversity.

The most common method of categorizing influencers, besides industries such as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, is by the following count. The number of followers generally determines how much budget to allocate (more followers mean greater exposure and usually more expenses).

This graphic by Mediakix shows the various levels of Instagram influencers.

As you can observe, Instagram marketers fall into different categories, such as:

Mega-influencers: Mega-influencers comprise celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and many more. They (or their agents!) generally have extensive work experience with companies and are among the most expensive. Buying Instagram Followers

Macro-influencers: These include public figures as well as other influencers who have seen a huge rise in their popularity. Be prepared to pay large sums for these influencers, but their followership base is a lot of publicity for your business.

Mid-tier influencers:

This level is a significant leap from the previous two by followers count and increases your chance of exposure, and it also has a wide range of public figures and creators. Buying Instagram Followers

Micro-influencers: Though this level of influencers might have a smaller reach than nano-influencers, they have a devoted follower base. Brands who want the most personal experience of their marketing campaigns can look to micro-influencers.

Nano-influencers: This class includes hobbyists, creators, and bloggers who sometimes advertise a brand or product. Don’t undervalue this category! Because of their lower follower base, Engagement rates are generally higher.

Each tier offers a different product on the market. Your company’s goals when it comes to Instagram influencer marketing, as well as your budget, will guide the tier you think about.

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