How to get rid of rodents?

The appearance of mice threatens not only damage to property because small furry animals are a source of infection. To combat rodents, most people try to do it with improvised means. Such methods are suitable when the population of animals is limited to a few individuals. But if the colony reaches a vast scale, without the help of specialist pest control Auckland mice, who knows everything about pest management.

The path of mice and how dangerous such a neighborhood

The autumn period is when rodents from the fields move closer to the human dwelling. Climbing into a room or basement, the mouse looks for a place to breed safely.

Since it is not inherent to these animals to make large stores, small rodents have to settle where there will be enough food to overwinter and provide food for their offspring. Mice, like rats, are omnivorous creatures. They can feed on food scraps, grains, and tiny insect larvae. Evidence of proximity is:

the appearance of holes in the walls;

rustling at night;

holes in bags of animal feed, cereals, and vegetables.

In addition to the unpleasant smell from animal excrement and discomfort, the presence of mice hides the danger of infection by diseases deadly to humans.

Among the diseases of which mice are carriers, scientists include:





vesicular rickettsiosis.

Mice can be a source of infection with salmonellosis, which is dangerous for humans and pets. In addition, through the excrement of rodents can become infected with parasites (mites, worms).

If the mice are few and they appear only at night. Once the colony of animals increases so much that they have to fight for food, they may come out to humans even during daylight hours. And this should be a signal to find ways to solve the problem.

Methods of rodent pest control

Fighting mice with their efforts is usually done with the help of mechanical devices. Homemade and store traps, as well as traditional mouse traps, are considered by many people to be the best way to get rid of rodents. To kill mice, they often use pet cats. But the efforts made and the means used are only sometimes practical because mice, like rats, reproduce quickly.

One of the ways people use to get rid of rodents is poisons. People try to poison mice and rats with poisoned grains by eating them, and the animals die. In addition, some substances continue their toxic effect, excreted with the feces of poisoned animals.

Professional methods of rodent extermination

But all preparations are of low cost and short duration of action, and therefore mice, after a while, will annoy people again.

Professional treatment is the most reliable and effective way to poison mice in apartments, summer houses, garages, and commercial premises. Poisons are used to control the animals, which can quickly poison the rodents by having a paralytic effect on the gastrointestinal tract of the pests. The poison has the same effect on adults and juveniles so that you can get rid of the entire colony immediately.

If the fight against mice with improvised methods did not bring the expected result, then you need to use the help of professionals.

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