Hiring an HOA Manager: Finding One Who Shares the Values of Your Association

If you are looking for a new HOA manager, ensure you find the right fit. The right HOA manager shares the values of your association and pays attention to legal concerns and association violations. Also, they should keep the areas within the community clean and in order and value the opinions of those who live there. When looking for an HOA management company, you should learn more about important considerations such as the following:

Knowledge and Experience

Your HOA wants a manager with a variety of experience in managing HOAs, from dealing with resident disputes to working with vendors. In fact, the way a manager handles new situations will reflect their movement values. Also, you must find experience that supports the HOA board’s designed management style. That is why they should be asked how they can support the key values of your HOA during an interview. 

HOA Financials

Your HOA manager will be responsible for handling the finances of the association. Thus, you must focus on the skills of the manager in this area. HOA finances are often complex and time-consuming, so you need to hire a manager who can handle different kinds of association financials. This can include giving fines to delinquent residents and establishing a yearly budget. A good candidate can provide samples of their financial reports and the way they meet deadlines consistently.


An established HOA manager has relationships with repair and maintenance vendors. By hiring this manager, your HOA can save time, money, and trouble looking for a manager to work with. Pick an HOA management company with experience managing communities of any size and maintenance level. Because your board must make sure the community grounds are appealing and safe, you must consider this factor when interviewing an HOA manager. 

Community Management

When you hire an HOA management company, choose one that can fairly and consistently manage your association. Whenever residents have disputes or if the board must make a decision, your manager should be able to apply the rules dependably each time. Also, the manager must handle interpersonal interactions productively. Thus, ensure the company you hire has lots of experience in resolving disputes. 

When you look for an HOA management company, interview community members and the board of directors a management company manages. These people can say a lot about the association manager. You need someone who can help run your community smoothly, fostering a helpful, satisfied community. 

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