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Different Creative Standees For You

Whether it is your phone, pencil, or other writing instrument, Vograce has a custom wood standee to match your needs. While standees may seem simple, it is important to understand that manufacturing and to ship them requires a lot of energy. 

What are standees and different types of creative standees?

Standee is a product they use to display, and they have a stand that can help them stand independently. You can use them in your organizations, such as schools. They can display the rules and discipline and hold the phone, pen, and other things. You can get many types of standees from vograce; however few creative standees we mention below:

  • Custom acrylic phone holder 
  • Customized Ferris wheel acrylic standees 
  • Custom balancing tumbler pen acrylic holder 
  • Custom carrousel acrylic standees

Custom acrylic phone holder 

These standees can be custom-made to any size you need and are made from high-quality acrylic sheets that are flame polished for a mirror-like finish. They are perfect for trade show giveaways and other business and marketing promotions.

This stand is circular and can be customized with a full-color imprint. It has an extremely durable surface, and non-skid rubber bumpers hold it in place. It also fits most smartphones without a case on.

You can also choose from various colors and styles, including holographic and rainbow-like designs. You can even use custom stickers to add a special message or image.

Customized Ferris wheel acrylic standees 

These custom stands are great for displaying art, comics, or other creative works. They can be made from various materials, including acrylic and wood, and they are odorless and durable. 

They can be ordered through the website, and they will send you proof of your design so that you know it will look exactly how you want it to. When ready to order, just choose the size, method, and color. You can also choose whether you want your design printed on the front or back. Once you’ve selected all of these options, you can upload your design to their website and place an order.

Anime fans love these acrylic stands because they feature their favorite characters. They are unique and beautiful and are a fun way to display your favorite anime figures. You can even add a light-up RGB option for an extra effect. They can also be customized with special add-ons or coatings, such as glitter or holographic foil.

Custom balancing tumbler pen acrylic holder 

You can customize these pen holders for your offices. They can be shaped into a multitude of interesting shapes, such as stars, hearts, and flowers, with a plethora of additional processes available to spruce them up.

Vograce top of the line machines are more than capable of producing your custom baubles on time. These perfectly complement your next event, birthday party, or holiday gathering. 

Custom carrousel acrylic standees

This optional carousel spinner base perfectly transforms your Acrylic Media Display into a rotating display. This revolving unit keeps magazines and brochures within easy reach while adding functionality to your existing display.

This horse-style rotating spinner is a great way to store your media and is designed to hold paperbacks and many other things! Features clear acrylic pockets to showcase your favorite titles.

These Acrylic Media Displays are made of durable molded acrylic. The revolving spinner and shelves are built to last, making them a great choice for your retail space. 

Acrylic stands are a great way to display your art. They are easy to set up and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. If you’re looking for a cool way to display your artwork, consider purchasing a custom full page acrylic standee. This can be a surprisingly inexpensive item that will show off your creativity. 

Another great way to use an acrylic standee is to place it on a fair trade booth or in your company entrance area. These can be a great way to attract more attention and encourage your visitors to sign up for your email list or download a free product. When ordering an acrylic standee, make sure to include your logo and contact information. 

Why order custom standee and custom keychains from vograce?

Vograce Store has a team of experts who are dedicated to creating high-quality products and protecting your design. They use professional equipment and a dedicated processing facility to produce the best-quality acrylic items.

They also provide proofing services, sample service, and shipping for all of their custom keychains. The company also offers discounts on bulk orders so that you can get the best deal possible for your budget.

Besides keychains, Vograce Store also offers acrylic photo card holders and shaker keychain stickers. These accessories are made from transparent acrylic and come in a variety of colors. They are odorless, odorless, and eco-friendly.

If you want to add a little color to your keychains, consider Vograce’s rainbow-like designs. They are available in both translucent and opaque versions, making them easy to customize.

These keychains are lightweight, convenient, and make great gifts. You can design them with your favourite style that makes them an ideal choice for promotional use.

Vograce’s light in weight custom clear acrylic keychain is a fun and practical accessory that is sure to impress. It is made from a durable and scratch-resistant material that is light in weight and easy to clean.

Final Words

If you’re interested in purchasing a custom acrylic standee, be sure to check out Vograce Store. They offer a wide range of products with wooden pins and are a trusted name in promotional items.

They have a dedicated staff that works in 17 countries around the world, and they can provide high-quality custom products at competitive prices. They have a plant that is 6,000 square feet in size and employs over 100 workers. You can use their custom wooden standees in your business building. It will definitely add some uniqueness and awareness about your business, and people will know more about you.

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