Top-Rated Cameras Monitors Available At B&H

Below, we’ve listed the top-rated cameras available at B&H for every budget and many with numerous detailed reviews from customers on our site that you can find useful. The majority of them are from a few brands. A majority of the brands, like Elvis and FeelWorld, are focused on offering affordable products. Two brands on the list, Atomos, and SmallHD offer a wide range of options from low-cost to premium. Blackmagic Design is also highlighted as it recently entered the monitors on the camera market with a selection that includes recording screens.

The primary reasons for the differences in price are the features like connectivity, signal support and software features The following list of common aspects to take into consideration when selecting the right monitor. For more detailed information about the most essential attributes, read the article choosing an on-camera Monitor, and to know more about how the software functions work, including the focus assist feature, take a look at this video of 30 minutes: Camera Monitor Tools.

Important Factors to Take into Account

  • What are the signals that the monitor accepts? It has to support your camera’s signal(s)–generally, most monitors will.
  • Does it allow the input of a 4K signal? And, if so, at what frame rate?
  • Does it come with what connector(s) you require?
  • What’s the resolution of the screen?
  • What is brightness? A brighter brightness, such as the very bright 2000cd/m2 or higher, displays more clearly the image in bright outdoor settings.
  • What functions of the software include focus assist and audio meters, waveforms as well as anamorphic de-squeeze HDR tools, support for LUT, and more? There are some features that are standard across every monitor, however, higher-end monitors generally have greater features and more options within the options.
  • Is the camera recording the camera’s signal (to an SD card)? Does it function as a monitor or a recorder/monitor?
  • Is the display OLED or LCD? Do you think it’s a touchscreen?


At the lower end of the spectrum, Atomos has its 5.2″ Shinobi model. If you’re using smaller cameras, such as Nikon Z 6, and Nikon Z 6 and you’re looking for smaller monitors like this model to complement.

Atomos Shinobi 5.2″ 4K HDMI Monitor

The Shinobi is stylish in appearance and has a plethora of options, but it’s also one of the least expensive monitors available. It comes with one HDMI connector that allows you to connect your camera. It allows up to a DCI 4K/29.97 input and displays your signal in a 1080p display. The Shinobi includes the majority of features that advanced Atomos models have including waveshape and HDR monitoring tools, and all are accessible through the touchscreen. One of them, frame guides, allows users to view your photo in various sizes of frames and formats, including those of a smartphone, meaning you can set up your image in a format suitable for social media platforms such as Instagram. The Shinobi can also allow users to upload up to 8 LUTs (looks presets) through an SD card to allow you to apply a LUT to your photo when you take your photo. With a brightness of 1000 cd/m2 and a surprisingly bright brightness for an inexpensive monitor.

The next model from Atomos is the fabled 5-inch” Ninja V It’s similar to the 5″ Ninja V, but it’s not only a monitor but also a recording device. It allows you to record the video you’re talking directly to an SSD drive, with resolutions up to 4K resolution, and in formats compatible with all editing software. With a 1TB SSD, you can record as much as two and one-half hours of 4K video. This is something you won’t be able to achieve with other cameras.

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Atomos Ninja V 5″ 4K HDMI Recording Monitor

For the camera range, Atomos has only a handful of options. Atomos usually focuses on one or two monitors at a time. The most expensive is the Shogun7 which is a seven” cinema monitor as well as a recorder and switcher. It has a variety of connectors and lets you connect at least 4 ISO SDI camera feeds and switch between them in real-time to show different images in one program output and simultaneously record directly onto the screen. Of course, it’s the Shogun 7 comes with every bell and whistle found in all the Atomos models and additional features, such as HDR support as well as a very high brightness of 3000 cd/m2.


SmallHD is a company that SmallHD gained popularity after it exploded onto the market with its small 4.3″ DP4 monitor, which was adored by all types of users beginning to intermediate. Since then, its products have become more sophisticated. The company has recently introduced an entry-level model called it was the Focus 5, but that’s not in production anymore. It’s possible that one is in the development. In the meantime, you can choose between an existing 5.5″ FOCUS Pro OLED SDI Monitor and the much-anticipated 7″ top-of-the-line screen, the touchscreen INDIE 7. Although the brand’s latest FOCUS Pro is designed for SDI workflows The INDIE 7 offers HDMI and SDI inputs and outputs. It comes with a variety of options, such as LUT support for 4K, 4K input along with HDMI/SDI cross conversion.

SmallHD Indie 7 Touchscreen On-Camera Display

This external camera screen include the” 703 and 5″ 503 UltraBright 1080p monitors. Both come with 2200 cd/m2 of brightness to ensure clear outdoor viewing, and an extensive list of software features like HDR preview and 3D LUT processing histogram, waveform, and much more.

Blackmagic Design

The Blackmagic options come from the Video Assist line of on-camera recorders and monitors, each with an individual variation. The distinctions between them lie in connectivity, signal support, and recording capabilities. On the lower end of the spectrum is the Video Assist 3G-SDI/HDMI 5″ recorder/monitor, with 1080p support for signal as well as a single SD memory card slot to record the camera’s signal. This seven” version comes with two slots for cards which let you switch cards in the course of production to ensure uninterrupted recording. The possibility of recording directly to the monitor offers another advantage. If you capture raw footage using specific cameras and monitors, you’ll be able to record directly to your monitor using a codec, such as ProRes.

The higher-end Video Assist versions, also available in sizes of 5″ and 7″ sizes, offer support for 4K signals and comes with features like XLR ports as well as 12G-SDI connections instead of 3G SDI. Additionally, as they can record video of high-quality and audio, they also capture high-quality sound. The majority of cameras lack recording options for audio, and the more sophisticated Video Assist models resolve this problem and offer an efficient and complete workflow. One of the main differences among the 4 Video Assist models is also in the range of brightness, which ranges between 300- 2500 Cd/m2.


The remaining monitors we’ll be highlighting are from brands that concentrate on low cost while offering a wide array of the essential features and functions that are found even on the most expensive monitors.

At a price that’s affordable price, Elvis offers the 8.9″ FieldVision and its small 4KV2″ FieldVision that supports as much as 4K signal. The more expensive model price can be a 5″ five” RigVision, which rivals models such as the Atomos Shinobi. Two of the key characteristics in the five” RigVision are 4K support as well as a brightness of high 1500 cd/m2.


FeelWorld offers a long range of models, which range from basic to sophisticated and all at a reasonable end. The most popular and affordable products offered by FeelWorld include the 5″ F5, 5.5″ F5 Pro V2 along with the 5.5″ F6 Plus that all support four-channel inputs. It also has a 5.7″ 4K monitor. The difference between these models is in the details such as brightness, and touchscreen accessibility. The 7″ IPS is a different, affordable, and well-known model.

The FeelWorld FW759 is a 7″ HDMI IPS On-Camera Display equipped with a Sunshade, HDMI Lock and a

The most advanced models include the LUT6S”, a 2600 cd/m2 brightness LCD touchscreen with a slim design due to its thin bezels. It has an integrated HDR as well as DeLong three-dimensional LUTs as well an anamorphic de-squeeze vectorscope, and a host of other software functions It also lets you upload 50 LUTs onto the SD card


As with FeelWorld, Lilliput has an extensive selection of options that are all priced in the low range. This is a top-rated product from the firm, which has over 100 reviews that are mostly favorable on our site, and the A7S 7″ Full HD Monitor with 4K support comes in black or red. Lilliput 5″ Touch is another monitor that’s available in red or black. Lilliput’s five” touchscreen is a different, cost-effective monitor with a slim design and a touch screen. Lilliput creates some of its monitors with modern design and both belong in that category. At the top end, Lilliput offers models like the Q7 Pro 7″ HDR and LUT Monitor with HDMI/SDI conversion.

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In all the monitors we’ve discussed, aside from the main features, there are various small functions that could be crucial to your workflow. For instance, when you look at the Blackmagic Video Assist line, there’s a tiny kickstand that extends from the bottom to allow you to place the monitor on a desk. Together with the remote port that comes with these monitors, you are able to connect to certain cameras using long cables and see the images from a distance and the kickstand allows you to use your screen hands-free while watching images from a distant image. Take a look at the detailed descriptions of all the monitors highlighted via the B&H website to find out more about the various important and little options. Please share your ideas or feedback below.



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