Are telehealth psychologists different from in-person psychologists?

2020 shook the world as we knew it. Suddenly everyone was to keep indoors at all times and work online, study online, and socialise online. It was a serious adjustment in the start, however, people in this time of technological advancement are extremely adaptive and soon got used to the new way of life. Mental health services had to change the way they conducted therapy sessions as well, giving rise to telehealth clinics.

The difference between Online counselling and In-person therapy


In a covid free world, you would get in your car and drive a couple of miles to get to the mental health clinic feeling nervous about your therapy session. As you’re waiting for the receptionist to call out your turn, you are going through all the things that you want to speak about in your head and hoping you don’t miss anything out. Once you finally enter and talk to the psychologist, you realise that there was no need to be so anxious about the appointment and feel much better once the session hits the 50-minute mark.

Online counselling is similar to the situation above but much easier, the therapy sessions are conducted virtually through a phone, tablet or computer. Once you’ve booked an appointment with a telehealth therapist you sit back on the plush couch in the corner of your room in the comfort of your house and speak to the online psychologist as if it were a friend you were speaking to on video call (just a friend who will give you advice that will actually benefit you). Another advantage that teletherapy provides you with is the availability of psychologists all over Australia instead of limiting you to the local clinics.

Benefits of using telehealth services

Here at Inner Psych, patient care is our topmost priority and due to the situation, virtual counselling is the best course of action for both our team of psychologists as well as our clients.

Psychologists listen to and interpret one’s thoughts and present them with a diagnosis after careful consideration of the clients choice of words and body language but when you attend remote therapy sessions the psychologist can see the kind of environment you live in for themselves which gives them a great advantage in understanding one’s thoughts and behaviour better.

It is important to note that our team of psychologists are highly experienced and can read body language even through video call. We understand the importance of therapy and its life-changing effects. We are here to give you our best to bring out your best.

Inner Psych is a telehealth clinic that provides online counselling across Australia. Feel free to book an appointment with a telehealth psychologist and observe the difference our psychologists can make in your life. Our team is experienced in numerous different facets of human psychology and are willing to push the limits for your benefit.

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