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7 Invaluable Hunting Cabin Maintenance Tips

Hunting cabins are a beautiful oasis for those who love to chase game animals and connect with Mother Nature. However, they require a lot of upkeep and care if you want to keep them hospitable and adventure-ready for decades to come. To help you get the job done, here are seven invaluable hunting cabin maintenance tips you should know about:

1. Wash Your Cabin’s Exterior Gently

Since your cabin is likely out in the woods, or far out in the remote countryside, it’s sure to get dirty from wind, rain, dust, dirt, and every other natural element surrounding it. With this in mind, you’ll want to clean your cabin’s exterior every few months. When you get down to performing the task, you need to take extra care to be gentle with your cleaning efforts. Thankfully, small hunting cabins make this hands-on cleaning process less taxing overall. Use low-pH cleaners, soap water, and a gentle (but firm) hand when washing your cabin’s exterior, and you’ll get the job done right.

2. Perform a Thorough Yearly Inspection

Yearly inspections are an absolute must for every hunting cabin. Just as you would do with your year-round home, you’ll need to rely on a professional inspector to point out any potential maintenance needs or safety hazards that your untrained eye is not prepared to spot. If they give you advice on things you need to fix or replace, you need to listen to them. Otherwise, you’ll be putting your dream hunting cabin experience in jeopardy.

3. Repair Exterior Damage ASAP

Especially if your cabin is made of logs, you need to pay close attention to any damage to your home’s “armor.” When exterior logs are damaged, they can cause cracking and water damage to spread quickly if they are left unchecked. For this reason, you should dedicate yourself to getting any exterior damage repaired ASAP. Doing so can help you save tons of money in the long run, and will help you prevent the unfortunate scenario where you would have to replace some of your exterior logs.

4. Use Quality Stain Products

Stain products are key for keeping your cabin’s logs, or exterior material, in a pristine, stable condition. Avoid simply taking the easy route when it comes to adding a topcoat and make sure you educate yourself about all the warning signs that your stain is not properly applied, or that it needs maintenance. The more you stay on top of using stain appropriately, and the more money you spend to get top-of-the-line stain products, the better protected your cabin will be against harsh weather and climate conditions.

5. Watch Out for Mildew, Mold, and Rot

If you want your cabin to last for many decades, and if you want it to be super cozy, you need to watch out for some of the main enemies that are out there looking to ruin your good time: mildew, mold, and rot. Understanding how to control moisture in your hunting abode is key to keeping these pesky bacteria away. Especially if you or any of your fellow hunters have allergies, these pesky infestations can ruin your trip, and make you too sick to properly bag that huge buck you’ve been chasing all year. You can use household cleaning problems to get rid of these problems in many cases, but particularly nasty infestations should be left up to professional cleaners. If you have allergies to mildew, mold, or rot, you should let a professional handle the cleaning every single time.

6. Keep Your Drainage Systems Up-to-Date

Hunting cabins are often built in climates where year-round rain is a near guarantee. To ensure your cabin’s exterior is not damaged by heavy wind and rainfall, you need to make sure your drainage systems are all up-to-date and functional. At least twice a year, you should have these systems inspected to ensure they are in working condition. Slacking off on this important maintenance tip can lead to severe maintenance needs, and can even cause your cabin to become a “total loss” if the damage becomes severe enough.

7. Pest Control is a Must

Since the majority of hunting cabins are made from wood, they are particularly susceptible to termites and other woodland pests. With this in mind, you need to be consistently vigilant about potential pest threats if you want your investment to remain secure. Using proper pest control products, checking for any potential pest damage monthly, and keeping the property clean (so that you do not attract pests) will ensure that your hunting cabin is kept pest-free and stable.

A Safe Cabin is a Secure Cabin

In addition to performing maintenance and cleaning tasks, you need to ensure that your cabin is both safe and secure. Keep any volatile chemicals or weapons properly stored at all times, and never leave fire hazards going unless they are being carefully observed and contained. Doing so will ensure your cabin will be ready for adventure after adventure for decades to come.

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