Know About The Best Electric Bicycle With Big Tires

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting, fat tires are an excellent choice for various conditions. Theelectric bicycle with big tires is ideal for riding over snow, sand, and more. While you’ll have to spend more than some e-bikes on a bike with big tires, some affordable options will make a great introduction to electric bicycles. Fortunately, HOVSCO has several electric bike models for all types of riding and terrain. One of them is the HovAlpha Electric Fat Tire Bike; below are the features of this big tire bike.

Powerful 750W Motor

With a nominal power output of 750 watts, the powerful Brushless Gear HUB Motor 750W of the HovAlpha 26 Electric Fat Tire Bike can blast you around town at 28 mph once unlocked to full capacity. That’s a serious speed, and it can flatten even the most challenging hills.

Moreover, the motor is also equipped with 85 Nm of torque sensing, which means it can deliver an impressively strong and reliable ride.

The HovAlpha 26’s 750W motor is combined with a large 48V lithium battery. It offers an incredible range of 60 to 80 miles when pedaling assist mode is activated. This is a pretty impressive figure for an electric bike that weighs just 72.8 lbs pounds. It will also allow you to enjoy long rides without worrying about the distance or effort it takes to get there.

Pedal Assist Modes

The HovAlpha 26 Electric Fat Tire Bike has a host of pedal assist modes that allow you to choose how you want to ride. You can throttle up and let the motor take you to your destination, or you can switch between five levels of pedal assist in getting you where you need to go even faster.

This ebike features a torque sensor pedal assist system that measures the force you apply to the pedals and adds power accordingly to deliver a more natural and dependable riding experience. This also eliminates any lag between pedaling and the motor helping you to stay engaged and focused on your ride.


A well-built e-bike can take you where you want to go in style and comfort. The HovAlpha 26 Electric Fat Tire Bike combines all the right components for a smooth and safe ride on any terrain.

It’s not often that you find a fat tire e-bike that offers a lot of functionality at an affordable price, but the HovAlpha does just that. From the motor to the high-traction 26 x 4” tires to the battery that doubles as a bright LED strip light, the HovAlpha has a little something for everyone.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

A pair of 180mm mechanical disc brake rotors provide plenty of stopping power for riders with passengers or gear in some of the optional front and rear racks. Pedaling on the HovAlpha 26 Electric Fat Tire Bike is a breeze thanks to its 750W Sutto motor, which produces a peak output of 1,032 watts.

Final Words

This is a post about the best electric bicycles with big tires. This is one e-bike you’ll be proud to own. You’ll look like a hero when you show off your new ride on the town or take it out for an adventure in the great outdoors.

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